The Profit

Have you watched the show The Profit? It’s not meant to be funny, but often the people asking for Marcus Lemonis’ help are so ridiculous it’s worth writing a comedy recap for. This week a Los Angeles man is successfully running his graphic tee shirt design company into the ground after his largest client closed their doors. Marcus feels if they can “harness the creativity” they can turn this business around. Yes, folks, it’s a simple plan of harnessing the creativity.

Marcus arrives at DiLascia and meets he artist/owner Patrick DiLascia who skips over to say hi. Patrick is sweet and welcoming, and dog gone it, people like him. Originally Patrick was from upstate New York, but he moved to LA to pursue his graphic tee shirt dream and his brother and sister moved to LA to help him out – so you know how that will go.

The Profit Meet Up

The tee shirts are cool, sold in Barney’s and the business has the license to print for TMZ – you know, that stalking photography company. One shirt reads “How to find true love” Underneath: “1. Be Kanye 2. Love Yourself.” Meh. Marcus is impressed, though, I don’t see him wearing that shirt either. We learn that Patrick’s numbers are off on the male to female ratio of garments and there are fitting concerns.

Next, we meet bro and sis, Dan and Kelly. When that company closed their doors, DiLascia lost 1/3 of their business. Marcus says that’s too much vulnerability for one company. But sit tight because here comes the blame! Big-bro Dan says there’s a constant struggle with Patrick because he spends too much time in the store selling one or two shirts, when he should be harnessing his creation. Patrick says he does other things, too, like talk to buyers on the phone, and hang out with whatever cutie stops by to gab.

Turns out the siblings aren’t making squat and don’t have equity in the company. Patrick is making $50K after three pay cuts this year. Patrick likes his big brother’s help, but not so much his sister’s. She gets the blame for being too abrupt when she’s getting things done. How rude! Kelly is tired of babysitting Patrick and becomes tearful when she says, “This is everything” to her.

The Profit The Offer

During a drive to the screen printer’s facility, Patrick opens up that if he loses this business, he will then lose his entire identity. Drama-much? They meet with the silk-screeners who look very nervous as they answer Marcus’ questions. Marcus determines that Patrick has wasted about $50K in abandoned silk screens which cost $175 each. Marcus declares this a disaster. But really, all Patrick had to do was negotiate no screen charges for his loyal business, but nobody thinks of this.

Marcus and Patrick look over the paperwork and Marcus tells him DiLascia is insolvent. Ruh-roh! Most people file for bankruptcy at this point. Marcus get bonus points for mentioning this year’s number one buzz word when he asks: Is Patrick willing to pivot? The offer: Marcus will pay $200K for 50% of the company, but he will be the boss, make no mistake. Patrick feels the offer is low, but after the commercial break, accepts the deal, like we knew he would, otherwise why am I watching this?

A pep talk with the company is held. To tell help the DiLascia’s get it through their melons why they are failing, Marcus compares their shirts to bread, and announces they are getting rid of the moldy ones. The pile is enormous. Marcus informs the brother and sister they have been reckless in allowing Patrick to design everything his melon head dripped out.

The Profit The Tune Out

A field trip commences and this was the best part of the entire show! Marcus introduces Patrick to two successful female designers who will school him. And they do. Patrick seems like he’s not sure if he wants to listen to their process of “harnessing creation.” And here’s why. The females tell Patrick his designs look cheap, are for college frat boys, and graphic tees bore them. So, who wants a drink? Marcus asks the females if they would let Marcus set up shop in their shop and they respond they can “pull up a chair” for him. Bet Patrick wants that drink now, so he can throw it in their faces. He says thanks but no thanks. Patrick admits he fears two things: work and change. Marcus tells him he may have made a mistake investing in his company.

The Profit The Criticism

It’s intervention time! Patrick doesn’t want to close the store even though everyone else does. Marcus gives him an ultimatum: him or the store. Patrick picks…Marcus! Marcus describes Patrick and sensitive and nervous, two things Marcus doesn’t really have patience for. So Patrick moves in with the females and produces a women’s line.

A meeting is held to unveil the sketches and fabrics and the consensus is it could either be a big hit or a big mess. Not exactly a stamp of approval, but we learn that brother and sister have been “harnessing the creativity” in a bad way. Marcus puts them in their place and instructs Patrick to Keep Calm and Design On. A few samples are made and Patrick is shocked to learn that everyone hates them. He argues and insults the models. Everyone take a Xanax, would you!

The Profit Bloomingdale's

More things go wrong and more time goes by and Marcus and Patrick meet with very important buyers in New York City to share the collection with. They like what they see. Hoo-ray! Patrick is offered a truck show. If this goes well, he could find his collection in Bloomingdales. Marcus is more impressed with Patrick sans his brother and sister interference.

Flash forward to the troubled water trunk show. Patrick reluctantly admits he’s missing the most important shirts Bloomingdales requested AND he didn’t call anyone to let them know. Marcus calls Patrick, “Dude,” which means he’s extremely disappointed. The trunk show is on and crisis is averted! The buyers like what they see and so do the customers. Marcus predicts the business will now be a success since he saved the day. Marcus is proud thinks Patrick has grown, but still has lots of growing to do.

The Profit The Hug

We don’t get an update on the business like they do on, Bar Rescue, and I think that would be my recommendation to Mr. Lemonis should he ever ask, though I doubt he will. Anyway, tune in to The Profit because you’ll be surprised how much you learn while you laugh.

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