coloring-book-for-adults-1396835_640How About Those Adult Coloring Books You Got For Christmas

Remember? It was one of those “it” items you may have received this past year, and  thought, what a great idea, adult coloring books! Why should kids get all the fun? The question is, now that it’s September, have you colored in your coloring books, yet?


I have not, darn it! And I even flew – the whole reason the coloring books were wrapped, placed under the tree and given to me was so I could be a zen flyer – unfortunately I forgot to pack them. Grr! And nothing but music and medicine will help make me somewhat of a zen flyer, but next time I will remember not to forget to pack them.

So I set aside some time this week to color and here’s what I discovered:

  • It can be relaxing but you have to give up being a perfectionist. I stressed trying to stay within the lines and make my giraffe a one-of-a-kind art piece. Let that go.
  • And forget trying to create something life-like. Once I realized giraffe’s only have two colors I knew the finished artwork would be too boring. Use more colors.
  • I received three coloring books and could have spent at least thirty minutes deciding which page to go with. One of the books was for advanced colorers and required a lot of thought. You are missing the point of lowering your blood pressure if you choose one of these. For beginners, less is more.
  • There are no mistakes – even if you make a mistake. Just tell yourself you meant to make that mistake.
  • Have a sharpener on the ready. If you like soft colors, use map pencils, if you like more bold colors, borrow your kids Crayons or markers.

So that was my experiment with coloring. Next time I plan to use it during a more stressful time, like a severe thunderstorm. But if you have kids, I highly recommend coloring together. It’s quality time well spent. Here is the final artwork. Maybe it’s me, but does my sweet giraffe look a little angry?



How About Those Adult Coloring Books You Got For Christmas