Is Your Dog Smarter Than You?

Exciting news has been achieved in the K-9 world! Until now it has been nearly impossible to measure intelligence among dogs without such rigors as accuracy and thoroughness. Scientists have now created an “exciting” new K-9 prototype to quantify aptitude dubbed the “Doggy IQ Test.”

First, let’s define the word “smart” as it applies to dogs. It means having the ability to adapt to different situations. Hungry? Can the dog steal or beg appropriately for food? Raining? Can the dog seek shelter? If so, your dog already might be smarter than you.

“Basically there’s a big difference in the street-smart dog versus the pampered dog. I’m not saying that a dog who sleeps all day is dumb, just that like humans, dogs need to get out and see the world and not be cooped up in a lab, I mean, a house all day.”

Here’s how it works. Scientists tested 68 working border collies to discover how long it would take for them to locate food behind a barrier simply by having a human point to an object. There was a vast array of documented intelligence, and the dogs that were quicker, were found to be the most accurate than those who took their time.

“Why border collies? Have you ever worked with poodles? Those guys think they’re so smart. They would try and take over the experiment. Not in my lab.”

But here’s where things get “exciting.” Scientists believe there’s a general intelligence factor in dogs that is comparable to humans. What does this mean? Who knows, let’s ask the expert.

“It means the dog that can escape the dog catcher again and again, might be the guy that escapes the IRS year after year. It’s still early, but signs are already pointing in this general direction. I mean, who does the IRS think they are, taking my money.”

Breaking News! Is Your Dog Smarter Than You?
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