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Batten down the hatches and prepare for rough seas. Season 4 of Below Deck is back and storms are a brewin! In order to work on the Valor you must be eye-candy because everyone is attractive, even Captain Lee. And the yacht has been completely redecorated. Gorg! Chief Steward, Kate Chastain is the first to arrive and admire the new digs. This season Kate’s taking a dip in the lady Caribbean. She considers herself to be in “sexual limbo” at this time in her life. Spoiler alert: shorty after this season’s filming wrapped, Kate was arrested for domestic violence against her girlfriend, Ro. But right now, it’s all rainbows and unicorns.

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Kelley Johnson is next to arrive and he lets us know this season he wants to really impress Capt. Lee by stepping up. And in his spare time he will trying to end his five-month sexual dry-spell. Emily arrives and seems super fun and is British.

Lauren arrives next. Fun fact: her first yachting gig was working for Sir Richard Branson. A whole bunch of other deck hands arrive, including Ben, our cranky chef. He’s fresh from the spin-off show: Below Deck Mediterranean and is kind of tired.

Kelley and Kate are catching up while they prepare for the guests. Kate discloses to this total stranger she’s just met someone special who’s a female soccer player. This will surprise no one, but Kate made the first move. Kelley’s like, say what? Yo’re gay, now? Tell me all about it. Elsewhere on the boat, Trevor tells the lesser deck hands that he’s a higher up who calls the shots because he is higher up or you can call him the senior deck hands. He’ll answer to both. Kelley tells the crew that if they get caught kissing a guest, they will be out of there. Enjoy the flight home. So, I don’t know about you, but the message to me is don’t get caught.

Below Deck Lesbians

Captain Lee announces the provisions have arrived and all hands on deck. They scored on the softshell crab. Emily and Ben meet. Will they be a match? They both have British accents, great educations and are horny. What else do you need? Captain calls a meeting and informs Kate that her second in command missed her flight. Oopsie. Captain Lee tells the crew he has three rules: 1) Do your job 2) Don’t embarrass yourself 3) Don’t embarrass the boat. These rules will be broken by the end of the first charter for most.

Below Deck Montage

Emily pitches in and Kate loves her for that, but who knows, now that she’s a limbo-lesbian, she might love her for other reasons. No judgment. Speaking of ladies, the charter coming on board is 8 women. Allison owns her own clothing line and is taking 7 of her closest Instagram friends – whom she’s never met – on this cruise. Everyone is cute and they all have different dietary needs. #Benisscrewed.

Below Deck Small meeting

As Emily and Kate work together, Kate brags again how happy she is after her quick change in and out of the closet. Emily thinks its cool to be working with someone who is sexually confused. Kate is impressed with Emily’s work ethic and tells Emily she’s now her right hand. The visual I’m getting makes me chuckle.

Ahoy, ladies! The 8 women arrive and drinks area waiting. Such service. Allison the clothing designer is like a frumpy Drew Barrymore, and when she sees the living room, she exclaims this is where she’ll be. Please, girl, do yourself a favor and get some sun. When the girls see Allison’s fancy room, they squeal like a bunch of sorority sisters. It’s time to set sail!

Below Deck lunch

Here’s a fun game, say three times fast: proper planning prevents poor procedures. The five P’s you should implement into your life no matter what you’re doing. The women are impressed with the food, so, yay, Ben! Capt. Lee gets a call from the missing steward, Sierra Storm, who has no idea how she missed her flight, gosh diggity dog. But she’s on her way. Kate is planning to make Sierra pay. Won’t that be fun? I hope it involves a spanking machine!

Below Deck Sierra

The ski boat is lowered so the ladies can to go Willie T’s the famous bar that gives a free drink for the ladies who take off their bathing suit top. Off they go. And on to Ben doubting Kate’s sexual switch. How does she have a girlfriend and he does not? Maybe he’ll like Sierra who is quirky and cute but make no mistake, she’ manipulative. Kate thinks she’s hot. And she should know now that she’s a full-fledged, card-carrying lesbian.

Trevor completely stumbles and can’t speak to Sierra. He’s like a 12 year-old girl. He’s trying to help Ben come up with a # names for the dinner courses. But these ladies could care less about all that because they can’t take their faces out of their phones. Meanwhile, we learn more about Sierra. She likes all kinds of guys (sorry Kate) short, tall, fat guts, hahaha, isn’t she cute?

Below Deck Sierra Storm

The dinner is #socialmeatia. Get it? The girls are impressed. Especially with Kelley. They ask him to join them, but he can’t because he really isn’t attracted to any of them. It’s time to turn in. Except for Sierra, who is charged with the duty of ironing, if only she can figure out how to open the damn ironing board. Kate and Ben are washing their feet in the kitchen sink. Yuck.

Kelley and Nicco have a chat about his impressions so far working under Trevor. Because Trevor is a higher-up. Nicco complains that Trevor keeps treating them like they’re green. And it’s just not so. And just as Nicco tells Kelley that he respects Trevor, Trevor takes his shirt off because the 8 ladies tell him to. He’s told by Kelley, by radio to put his damn shirt back on. Captain Lee tells Kelley he better get a tighter handle on the crew. No one’s indispensable, not even Kelley.

Below Deck Shirtless

A montage of the remainder of the season is shown and there’s lots of drama on the Valor. Mostly from the crew, but also from some of the charter guests. If you’ve ever dreamed of living a life on the rough seas, but sure to tune into this hit Bravo show, Tuesday nights at 8:00pm CT, but be prepared to get a little sea-sick

Next week I will be writing the recaps for #90DayFiance. Please check back on Monday to read the #comedyrecap. If you missed the premier recap, click here.

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