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Episode 2 –

After a two week hiatus, 90 Day Fiance is back! In this episode the couples will reunite, but will it feel so good? Probably not. First up is Nicole, the desperate young woman who is leaving her child behind for five weeks to fly to Morocco to meet “the love of her life” for the first time. This is completely irresponsible but her family for some reason is supporting Nicole on this crazy journey. Five weeks is forever to a kid. Why not five days? You can learn a lot about a person in five days.


Off she goes to the airport with her parents. Azan calls and doesn’t sound excited or sincere about Nicole’s arrival. Remember this is Nicole’s second time to run off with a guy she’s never met in person. First one resulted in her little girl. Nicole promises her parents to come back, and not in a body bag, but that’s what makes this naive girl’s story so compelling. We don’t know what will happen.


Speaking of naive, Matt is up next. He’s 43 and this will be his fourth marriage. Guess that third time wasn’t the charm. Alla is from the Ukrain and bringing her 7 year old son Max to America. Matt’s mom is super-supportive and thinks this is great, no red flags at all by marrying a mail-order bride. She gives advice and Matt listens. I hope Alla doesn’t mind a momma’s boy. We learn that Matt needs to hear “I love you” all the time, but Alla doesn’t show emotions. Matt’s words, not mine.


We are back with Chantel as she returns to the airport to try and pick up Pedro again. He landed in Miami, and probably thought wowza! Next thing we know, Pedro missed his flight to Atlanta. Oopsie. Chantel is lying to her parents about Pedro. She’s told them he’s here on a student visa. They have no idea they are secretly engaged and he’s here on a K1 visa. Chantel sees Pedro across the airport and they run to each other. Pedro speaks paquito English. When Pedro sees their apartment he is so excited. There is air-conditioning and hot water. He doesn’t have that back home. Score!


Next up is Jorge. He’s the guy that thinks a woman should be totally dependent on a man, and not like American women who want these things called, careers. Enter: gold-digger Anfisa from Russia. Things are not going well for these-two love birds because Jorge didn’t buy Anfisa the $10K Chanel purse she wanted. Boo-hoo! Now she’s changed Jorge’s computer password and cancelled his flight to Russia. Sweet girl, right? Jorge is beside himself and Anfisa wants to end things. Blessing in disguise?


Matt is on his way to the airport to pick up Alla and Max with roses in hand. His mom is there, too, with his niece. There are tears when Alla and Max see each other. Alla seems very happy to be in America. Imagine that.


Azan is also excited to go to the airport. He’s bringing his best friend along to meet Nicole. Azan is worried that Nicole won’t like Morocco and his culture. Spoiler alert: she doesn’t. He hopes Nicole is exactly like what he imagined she’d look like. Spoiler alert: she’s not. As Nicole makes her way through the airport, to meet the love of her life, they see each other and hug. He tells her he loves her. Nicole tells him she’s tired and hungry. In a testimonial, Azan says’ he’s surprised Nicole is a big girl. The best friend thinks Nicole is…cute, which is code for, not hot.


Chantel is taking Pedro out to meet her girlfriends. Only one friend knows about the engagement, the rest think the cameras are following them for a show about dating foreigners. Chantel’s nosy friend brings up how rushed this is. Another girl says they needs to be supportive no matter what. The nosy girl mentions being in it for a green card. Pedro doesn’t understand English, but he knows those two words: green card. He doesn’t like Chantel’s friend and it’s going to be a long 90 days for these two keeping up the lie.


The happy instant family of Matt, Max and Alla are going from the airport to his mom’s house to meet the whole dam fam. They are a very accepting and inviting group, but Alla is overwhelmed and doesn’t understand their need to pray. Little Max is a handful. Don’t leave the champagne out around this kid. Problems are on the horizon for these two because Alla doesn’t like how Matt needs to talk about all things with all people. She’s realizing Matt is needy. Good luck with that Alla.


Jorge is on his way to the airport to pick up Anfisa who realized this money-ticket could move on, so she has decided to come to Los Angeles instead of his going to Russia. Jorge is skeptical that Anfisa is actually on the plane. She is! They each apologize to each other and kiss constantly. Although Jorge didn’t buy the Chanel purse Anfisa likes, he did buy a new car for her arrival. It’s an Audi R8 and Anfisa doesn’t like it. There’s not enough room for her bags. Jorge has to call a cab to pick up the bags and take them home. And once he figures out how to do that, that’s just what he’ll do.

Tune in next week when honeymoon phase comes crashing down for the couples!

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