the-art-of-changeThe Art of Change

I recently came across an article by Purewow, called “20 Habits to Start Adopting Right Now” and I thought to myself, now? I need to do this right now? Twenty? Are you trying to set me up to fail? Who has time for 20? Do you know how hard change is?

Let me tell you. Typically it takes 30 days to break or create a new habit. Multiply that by 20 and you’ve got 600 days, which is 20 months, four months shy of two years. Forget it! Life is too short. I’m getting worked up over the next two years of my life and I hadn’t even read one of the 20 suggested habits. So here’s what I’ve done, I’ve read through all 20 and broken them down into groups of five. When you attempt goals in baby steps you are more likely to succeed. Or so they say, but I’m feeling optimistic with a plan.

Group 1

Get plenty of sleep – Preferably 8 hours per night, otherwise stock pile over the weekend.

Drink a gallon of water per day – Gulp, gulp, gulp. Your skin will thank you.

Get sunlight right when you wake up – And if you live in Scotland or Alaska, get a light box.

Compliment 1 person a day – Easy because you are probably already doing this with your boss.

Show gratitude – Even if it’s saying ‘thank you for not cutting me off in traffic.’

Group 2

Set 1 intention and do it – Warning* use KISS method: an afternoon walk or a new recipe.

Do 1 thing you enjoy each day – Go wild, but keep it legal. Getting drunk in a bar and driving home will bring drama. Take Uber.

Give daily pep talksChannel Stuart Smalley. “I’m good enough, I’m smart enough, and doggone it, people like me.”

Meditate once a day – This isn’t easy, but 5 minutes with no distractions is meditation.

Plan meals for the week – I bet most of you are already doing this. See, you are smart enough!

Group 3

Track daily spending habits – In other words, don’t do retail therapy.

Take an afternoon walk – Hey! If you combine it with your daily intention, you’ve used the 2 bird/1 stone method. Way to go!

Stay up on current events – Things like “Did you hear the Kim K robbery in Paris was fake?” will win friends and influence people.

Write 1 accomplishment per dayOkay this could overwhelm so use KISS method and think of it in terms of, ‘Today I opened the pickle jar without help.’

Group 4

Put down phone 1 hour before bed – Nooo! This is why I saved it for last because it will be the most difficult. But like a computer, our brains must be put into sleep mode.

Don’t hit the snooze button – Let’s meet in the middle – only hit the snooze button once.

Pick out an outfit the night before – Simply by picturing the tie or skirt in your mind.

Adopt a skincare regimen – Just like your mamma told you. Cells need to be cleaned to regenerate and you don’t want to look 60 when you’re 40.

Make breakfast the night before – Okay this is just ridiculous. How hard is it to unwrap a power bar on the way out the door? Hope you enjoyed, 19 habits you need to start now!

Random Thoughts – The Art of Change
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