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This week on 90 Day Fiasco we join Nicole and Azan for her last night in Morocco. Nicole is on the fence if she should file the papers for the K1 visa, so Azan had better start kissing her very large ass quickly. As they sit on the roof top, Nicole demands to know why Azan loves her. He counts the ways 1) she cares about him 2) her amazing smile. And that’s it. This is all Nicole needs to hear, however, then Azan mentions they both need to change, meaning Nicole needs to hit the gym and Azan needs to get ready for plenty of PDA.


Onto Jorge and Anfisa who have gone AWOL. The production crew cannot locate Jorge despite leaving repeated messages. The couple has 40 days until they must wed and it’s not looking good. The crew makes contact with Anfisa who explains that she and Jorge are in the middle of a huge fight. And though Anfisa doesn’t recall what the huge fight was about, she knows she was justified kicking Jorge out of the apartment. Jorge calls Anfisa and begs to come home, but now she’s mad at him for leaving her alone in a big country without money. Jorge asks Anfisa how he can fix the situation. Anfisa says you can’t fix stupid. So true. Anfisa threatens to throw his stuff out of the apartment, but then asks for money so she can book her flight back to Russia. Good riddance! But something tells me Anfisa won’t leave so easily.


Next we meet up next with Narkyia who is still waiting for Lowo to come to America. Although she doesn’t know a lot about her fiancé, she knows he’s a proven liar. The reason for the delay this time is Lowo can’t get final approval until he gets a document from Viet Nam stating he didn’t commit a crime. So Narkyia decides to take off work, leave her son behind, and fly to Viet Nam to see if Lowo is telling the truth or if this is just another one of his lies. Narkyia says if she catches Lowo in one more lie, this could be the end of their relationship. Lowo admits that he’s a liar, but denies being a catfish, and I don’t understand why he doesn’t understand that yes he is a catfish. One thing Lowo’s honest about is his desire for a green card. But Lowo’s not worried about Narkyia’s trust issues because he plans to romance her worries away.


Chantel and Pedro are waiting for her parents at a fast food restaurant to try and smooth things over. Chantel’s mom and dad say love and lying don’t go together. Pedro and Chantel each apologize and her parents suggest a prenuptial agreement. Pedro no understand. And neither do I. It’s not like this girl has two nickels to rub together. Once Pedro comprendes what a prenup is, he no like and he no want. Chantel’s mom and dad say it’s like their daughter has thrown a pie in their faces. Deception pie. The first bite is sweet, but the rest is bitter. Basically what’s going on is mom and dad ain’t paying for no wedding.


It’s bachelor party time for Matt! This is Matt’s fourth bachelor party, isn’t he the stud. Matt’s friends say this party will be the sleaziest one yet! It doesn’t’ take long for everyone to get drunk on the party bus and start hurling the insults. They tell Matt one of his ex-wives will be stripping for him. Then they make jokes about Russian mail-order brides. And the jokes are rubbing Matt the wrong way, or is the stripper rubbing Matt the wrong way? In any event, Amy the stripper tells Matt to spread his legs, but he won’t. The guys tell Matt to bend over take it like a man. Amy finally gives him a lap dance and Matt looks like he’s about to puke. Thank God it’s his last bachelor party!


Jorge is finally allowed to return to the apartment. Jorge is very confused about what went wrong the other night, and after a night sleeping in his car, he apologizes for anything and everything. Anfisa does not accept his apology because the proper way to apologize is with flowers or jewelry, preferably jewelry, and Jorge showed up empty handed. Amateur! Jorge tries to explain that relationships are about compromising, but Anfisa mocks him like the two year-old she is. Anfisa is upset because according to her, she’s the only one making sacrifices. Jorge tries to hug Anfisa, but she wants no part of it. There will be no makeup sex tonight. Anfisa tells Jorge to leave and go sleep in his car. By now I think we can all agree this couple totally deserves each other.


Nicole is packing for home. She doesn’t want to leave Morocco and feels the five weeks flew by. I’m surprised. You’d think Nicole would really miss her daughter by this point and be anxious to get home to her, but no. At the airport, Nicole becomes frustrated when Azan doesn’t cry over the fact that she’s leaving. Azan says he feels guilty about not treating Nicole the way she deserves and promises things will be better next time. She wants to kiss him, but Azan says no. He walks Nicole to the plane, she sobs, and Azan tells her everything’s going to be fine. Azan can’t get her on the plane fast enough and his lack of emotions is a very telling sign.


Tune in next week when Jorge’s sisters set him straight and Alla admits she’s never told Matt she loves him.

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RECAP 90 Day Fiance – Episode 9
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