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Have you ever thought to yourself, “Hey, I’d like to write a book!” For some of us it’s a bucket list item, like going to Paris or learning to sail. Whether fiction, non-fiction, or memoir, your great idea mixed with great storytelling, can resonate with others and make a difference in the world.

There are two parts to being an author. Writing and publishing, each one operating on different sides of the brain. To write, it helps if you’re an introvert, and to sell your book it helps if you’re an extrovert. It takes discipline and dedication to write a book, you’d think that would be hardest part. It’s not. Getting published through traditional venues and collecting rejection after rejection for many is the hardest part.

Welcome to indie writing where anything is possible! So who do we have to thank? Indie movies! When lesser known Hollywood movie-makers couldn’t get funding for a project they resorted to other means. Soon these movies began collecting public accolades and winning awards, causing studio heads to rethink what the public really wants to watch. Books are following in their path. Case in point, my friend and author, Roberta Selesky and her semi-autobiographical novel, Wrong Side of the Tracks, which deals with the many faces of rape. And she needs your help.

Roberta is with a new publisher, Wet Zebra, and how it works is the author must receive 1,000 votes from the public in order to show he or she deserves to be published.  Finally! A vote you can feel great about casting this year!

Excerpt from: The Wrong Side of the Tracks:

Sipping my morning brew on the porch of the home I’ve lived in for 27 years, I can’t help but acknowledge the memories creeping in over my peaceful present reality. The path that has brought me to the beautiful world I have created has been gnarled and twisted, wrought with dark memories I deny. I make up stories when asked about many parts of my life because the truth is simply too difficult to bear. I buried my memories of those unsavory years so deep as to have no memories at all. But still, in unguarded moments, they emerge like thieves in the night to steal the peace I so desperately cling to. Many times I am able to fight back and banish them to what my children call my dark place. 

Today will not be one of those days. Today I will stroll back into my kitchen, dump the cooling remainder of my coffee down the drain, and refill the cup with the vodka I have chilling in the freezer 24/7. I will need fortification to face the demons head on. Walk with me if you will and join me on the wrong side of the tracks.

About the Author:


Roberta was born in the 1960s in a small town in Midwestern USA, where she began writing at the age of ten. Many of her works consist of unique adventures which she has carefully jotted down and stored away over time. She classifies her work as fiction although each narrative holds more than a grain of personal truth. Now, having built a life and business, along with her husband and five children, she finally feels it is time to let those words out. It is her hope that readers might emerge from reading her story feeling that their time was well spent.

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Welcome to Indie Writing & Publishing!