crying-babyBreaking News! Kids Don’t Bring Happiness; World Says, Duh!

This just in, dozens of researchers have collected the data and resolved the equation in the parental paradox. The “exciting” conclusion is that kids don’t make us more happy, nor do they make us less happy. So why is that? Turns out, kids are a lot of work these days, unlike the “be seen and not heard” times of the Victorian ages through WWII era philosophy.  To be blunt, today’s parents are not raising kids, they are curating them. To understand the results of this “exciting” study, MCT stopped by the grocery store to ask local citizens their opinions.



“Because I grew up in a large family, we were ignored simply because there were too many of us. You’d be surprised the things you learn that you’re not supposed to when you’re told to shut up.”





“Oh I think kids should be put first at all times and the parents should give up on any kind of life for themselves outside of working to buy stuff for kids. That’s why I won’t be having any.”





“Kids are great. Someday I plan to have lots of them so my future wife can stay home and take care of them.”




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Breaking News! Kids Don’t Bring Happiness; World Says, Duh!
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