who-moved-my-cheeseHas Your Cheese Been Moved? How to Move On 

In this post-election world, a lot of us seem to be stuck. Many did not see this unprecedented change coming, but like taxes and death, change is inevitable. Unexpected change is virtually looming over our lives at all times. And change is different than loss – loss of your job, marriage or health requires a different strategy.  No question, change is difficult, but it can be managed, and though this will sound crazy, some people are so good at change they look forward to it.

This week I re-read the bestseller “Who Moved My Cheese?” by Spencer Johnson M.D. Have you heard of it? We’ve had it on our bookshelf for years, my husband and everyone he works with was given a copy when the company implemented a new software program. It’s an easy read about four mice who adapt to change differently: Sniff, Scurry, Hem & Haw. This book takes about an hour to read, but in case you’re busy trying to keep everything the same, because let’s face it, that feels safe, here are some top highlights.

  • Quit over-analyzing the situation and just get going finding new cheese. While you need clarity of what is required with this change, don’t get stuck playing Monday-morning quarterback for what went wrong.
  • Learn to laugh at yourself instead of beating yourself up. This really signifies you’re ready to move on. Most likely it isn’t the end of the world, though agreed, it may feel like it.
  • Some fear should be respected to keep you from real danger, but most fear of change is unfounded and just needs to be pushed through.
  • If you do not change you can become extinct. That’s a scary thought. Keep an open mind to possibilities and know that your way isn’t the only way to find the cheese in the maze.
  • Visualize yourself with your new cheese, and this is important, see yourself thriving in this new place.

A realtor once told me he laughs when young couples say they’re looking for their “forever” home because he knows that statistically they will move in seven years. Why? Change! We either want it, need it, or have it thrust upon us. “Who Moved My Cheese?” is one of those books we need to re-read every seven years or so.

And I’ll be the first to admit, I’m not fond of change at all. I cringe when IPhone sends an update and delay it for weeks because I don’t want to learn the new program. When, if I had just gotten to work and looked into it, I would see that one of the changes is more emoji’s! There is an upside to everything, though some require a magnifying glass to see it.

Has Your Cheese Been Moved? How To Move On
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