Breaking News! Jealousy Can Improve Relationships: Who Needs Dishes Anyway!broken-heart-on-plate

Imagine you are at a stop light and see your significant other engaging in a prolonged hug with a stranger. Is it a client? An old friend? Somebody on Ashley Madison? Your imagination runs rampant while your heart drops, your stomach clenches, and you’re tempted to smash your car right into them. Turns out, some forms of jealousy are good for us, and handled correctly, can propel your relationship to a deeper level of intimacy.

“It’s very important to talk about these feelings as they come up,” explained one of the scientists. “And to not get arrested for stalking because you wanted to see if she was dating someone else even though she claimed to be working late on a very important project. At least that’s what the study showed.”

Simply put, jealousy is an emotional reaction to the threat of losing someone who you think others want. It triggers insecurity, fear, and anxiety. Jealousy is also the leading cause of homicide, hence the term crimes of passion. Here’s the good news though: jealousy has purpose! It dates back to evolutionary times to prevent mate-poaching. How about that! The purpose of jealousy is to motivate an individual to not let their fellow Neanderthal take their significant other.

“Trust me on this, you do not want to drag your girlfriend off by the hair. I learned that one the hard way. On the plus side, 30 days later I now know how to make wine from rotting fruit and sugar cubes.”

The bottom line is, as humans we must live with some degree of uncertainty. But to live in a constant state of alert over the potentiality that your mate will eventually leave you for someone else is stressful. That’s why it’s important to talk about these feelings at the onset, so not to let them fester into bigger and more destructive emotions.

“Here’s what I’ve learned. You can’t tip off your partner that they are too good for you. It’s important to make them feel like you could do better and they are lucky you’ve stayed this long.”

So be honest with your partner and learn to manage these emotions my admitting them, releasing them, and not letting them fester into a cancerous disease that makes you do crazy things. You will have a deeper relationship with your significant other. Ang go ahead and brake a few dishes, you’ll feel better!

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Breaking News! Jealousy Can Improve Relationships: Who Needs Dishes Anyway!
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