A Very Harry Merry Christmas

Feeling overwhelmed by the countdown to Christmas? Sure, all your shopping for gifts may be complete, but there’s still present wrapping and meal planning and stocking stuffing and party attending and family gathering, and hey, why not throw a puppy into the mix.

It doesn’t matter that Harry is the cutest puppy ever to waddle the planet. Or how he gazes at you with his adorable grey eyes after pooping on your floor or chewing on an ornament. Or that a puppy requires constant attention or your leather chair will be gnawed up. Not to mention the 6:00am whining because he needs to pee, then eat, then poop, then drink water, then pee again. But like I said, my son’s dog Harry is adorable.

Hang on a sec – I need to go check where Harry waddled off to.

No worries – he was just eating a sock.

So as I was saying, there’s so much more to do to get ready for Christmas. The meal is going to be very special and expensive but, hey it’s Christmas, and prime rib made at home is better than prime rib ordered at a restaurant any day.

Hang on a sec – Harry is yapping and I need to go investigate.

No worries – it was my dog Summer growling at Harry because she is feeling sad, depressed, territorial, and anxious that she’s going to be replaced. Just goes to show that everyone is susceptible to the holiday blues – even pets. Of course, would we even notice if our cats were suffering from the blues? What would they do, sleep more?

So as I was saying, the final days of Christmas are trickling down and the devil is in the details. Oops. I probably shouldn’t mention the devil this time of year, liable to get coal in my stocking. Love is in the details.

Hang on a sec – there’s complete silence. I should go check on Harry.

No worries – Harry is asleep. Aww. There’s nothing sweeter than a sleeping puppy.

Merry Christmas everyone! Christmas will come and Christmas will go and it will all be all wonderful, even if it’s not. Years from now I’ll only remember how cute this puppy was during his first Christmas with us, not the tattered chair or the stained carpet or the missing ornaments. Just how adorable the little monster was.

A Very Harry Merry Christmas
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