Impostor Syndrome Hit All-Time High or Does It?

The latest pop-culture syndrome to hit the mainstream is called imposter syndrome. So what is imposter syndrome? It’s the gnawing notion that you aren’t good enough and any day now the world will know the fraud you are, even if you have the education, training and credentials, to prove otherwise. It’s deeper and darker than low self-esteem. Imposter syndrome takes on a paranoid spin, causing individuals to think they are being plotted against by an individual or even the universe.

My Comedy Therapy was curious to get citizen’s feedback about this syndrome so we stopped by the local grocery store to see what shoppers had to say.

Grocery 1


“I met someone with that just last week. He said he worked for the CIA, when in fact he was just guy who worked at the local library. He lied just so he could hook up with me. Although his research was pretty good, I’ll give him that, he’s probably gonna walk with a limp for a while.”



Gocery 2


“At first I didn’t believe it was an actual thing, but once I heard that celebrities like Lena Dunham and Kate Winslet suffered from this impostor thingy, I started realizing I have it, too.”



Grocery 3


“What a load of shit. I have never suffered one day in my life from not thinking I’m good enough. That’s why I go to the gym every day. The bigger I am, the better I am. That’s my motto. I don’t know about any syndrome, but I can tell you it’s a crime to be so handsome.”




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Breaking News! Impostor Syndrome Hits All-Time High or Does It?
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