What Kind of Vacationer Are You – 7 Dwarves Spectrum

During the holidays I had a random thought about deconstructing the different types of vacationers. What type are you? Are you always happy to travel? Are you the type that gets sick on or before a trip? Do you say, wake me up when we get there? Are you confused easily over travel choices? Are you the type that travels with a medicine cabinet?  Do you let others bulldoze their agenda on you? Or do you think vacations are hard work? That last one would be me. Meet: Grumpy vacationer.

I don’t want to be, but the first step is admitting you have a problem, right? If only there was an 8th dwarf named Zen. And though I may never be Happy, at least I’m not Dopey or Sneezy. So there’s that.

I read a nice blog recently about an older couple who write about their happy excursions. I shudder to think what my travel blog would be like if I had one. It would be called acomedyoferrors.com. Stories of stress-filled, argument-laden, last-minute changes would grace the electronic pages, tainting the backdrop of whatever city I was in. That might be funny for a while, but it would eventually read like one long list of complaints.

Speaking of complaints, recently we traveled by car with our dog, to Santa Fe, NM. Before we left, our son dropped his new puppy into our lap so he could leave the country. Thanks son! Minutes before cancelling our trip, thanks to our other son, we found a puppy-sitter.

But wait, there’s more. The night before we left, our dog got into the puppy food. Sigh. Lots of stops during the first leg of the aromatic journey. However, if anyone needs a recommendation for a great doggy-day care in Santa Fe, let me know. I’ve got the perfect place for you. And it’s stress like this that makes me Grumpy.

All in all, the trip was enjoyable and relaxing. We played in the snow and shopped in the square and I would like to return next year. Next time I’m going to make an effort to be more accepting of things that go wrong. Because they will. There’s not a perfect travel story out there – just perfect for you.

What Kind of Vacationer Are You – 7 Dwarves Spectrum
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