Episode 7

The Truth Comes Out

In this episode of Married By Mom & Dad everyone has issues. Starting with Ursula who has yet another secret she must disclose to Devin. The last secret was that she’s leaving in one week to go on a European vacation with her pals whom she’s meeting up with to shop. Her friends aren’t fans of Devin and think Ursula has made the biggest mistake of her life. Then Ursula informs her friends of all the bad stuff about Devin like he’s an ex-stripper who used to attend sex parties, have sex behind the club in his car and has cheated on every girlfriend he’s ever had. But look how cute the new dress is for Europe! So cute.

Up next we are with Tahnee who is with her friends, mom and step-mom, ready to try on wedding dresses even though they still haven’t found a groom. That’s not a downer at all! Pop the corks, will ya. Tahnee finds a dress she likes and when she tries it on has a meltdown. She asks her friends for five seconds alone so she can ugly cry in the back. Tahnee asks for her mom to join her and tells her mom she’s not sure she can do this.

Back with Ursula and Devin who are getting ready to have dinner with her judgmental friends. Ursula reveals to Devin that her grandparents have disowned her because she married someone who is of mixed race. She is not allowed to visit them in the future with Devin. This makes Ursula sad and makes Devin mad. I’m wondering if Ursula shouldn’t have kept this to herself, but Devin handles it well and tells Ursula she’s still his buddy. Ursula has never had a conflict in her family before marrying a complete stranger and Devin gives her the prolific advice: It is what it is.

Onto Billy and Bethany who are moving in together. One problem is Bethany has a roommate. But it beats living with Billy’s parents who are still reeling from their son’s hasty decision. Fun fact: Billy has never lived with a woman before. Funner fact: his new bride is a slob. Billy considers the new living arrangements to be an obstacle, but such is the life of two people who don’t know each other. And it’s not that his parents don’t like Bethany, it’s just that Bethany stole their son.

We are now going on another date with Tahnee’s mom, step-mom, and bonus-dad. They will be painting with Matthew who is 34 year-old energy adviser and commercial artist who considers himself to be “established.” The trio is changing their strategy and plan to “go for the jugular” from the get go. Matt strolls in with flowers. He is very at ease because he’s taught painting classes before. Turns out Matt and Tahnee attended the same high school, so guess who will be running home to look up yearbooks? Also Matt was engaged a mere 9 months ago but it “didn’t work out.” He also has an 11 year-old son and never married the baby-mama. Matt seems nice, but the red flags are waving.

Next we are going on another date with Marissa who will never find a man accompany her mom on this date as well. They are going wine tasting with Freddy who is a self-described goofball who likes to have fun. He doesn’t show up with flowers though, so strike one for the goofball. Freddy manages a Verizon wireless store and owns a self-publishing company. Marissa likes him so far because he doesn’t have gross teeth. There seems to be some chemistry at least from Marissa’s mom’s point of view. Marissa asks Freddy if they should have children will he be able to sustain their lifestyle because she wants to stay home. This would have most people looking for the exit sign, but Freddy says yes. Marissa is concerned that Freddy will put his businesses first when he will be required to put her first at all times, so she’s not completely sold yet. Run, Freddy!

Back in Tampa, it’s dinner time with Ursula and Devin’s friends who are celebrating their one-week anniversary. Devin is quiet, but the friends don’t know what transpired before hand and start levying the questions. Why did his parent’s pick Ursula? Ursula says it was because she wouldn’t follow Devin around like a puppy dog. In the middle of Ursula’s friend providing much needed marital advice, Devin and his friend get up and go to the bar. Devin reveals the news that Ursula’s grandparents have disowned her for marrying him a bi-racial total stranger. His friend is like, “Shut the hell up. Do they know its 2017?” They also discuss that Devin’s ex-hook-up buddy is calling and wants to know why it didn’t work out between them. Devin says they were toxic, but the worry is while Ursula is away, Devin will play.

Back with Tahnee’s family, good news, Matt having a son is not a deal-breaker. Whew! Because they are running out of men. The concern is, will Matt back out at the last minute? He says no. The trio asks if he’s open to more children. He says yes. They inform him that Tahnee wants two, but is willing to work on the marriage for the first few years. Mom and step-mom “go to the restroom” together to discuss Matt’s potential. Neither of them have a clue if this is the right guy for Tahnee. It’s time to roll the dice, people.

We return to the dinner to hear Ursula feels weird because she doesn’t have a ring. It’s no big deal to Devin because he doesn’t wear jewelry on his fingers – just twenty-seven gold chains around his neck. Her friends ask Devin about Ursula leaving the country and what he will be doing for the 12 days she’s gone. Devin says, “Party!” Wrong answer. The right answer could be, “Counting the days until she returns” or “Consulting an attorney about the post-nup.” Devin’s buddy brings up his past trust issues with ALL the other women and Ursula feels this isn’t a proper dinner conversation topic. Awkward!

Tune in next week when Tahnee’s people agree there may not be a wedding and Devin meets up with the toxic ex-hook-up buddy.

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RECAP Married By Mom And Dad – The Truth Comes Out
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