Change Your Personality in 90 Days – Because you suck!

Did you know that our personalities are set by first grade? That’s a scary thought for some of us who still believed the boogie man lived under our beds. Scientist believed you are who you are by six years of age and the battle from that point on is between nature versus nurture. But now there’s help for those with terrible personalities!

According to this “exciting” new study involving six researchers and 207 participants, a measured amount of change was documented in one’s personality for those who participated in the study. Not only that, it took only 90 days for the personality changes to occur. However, there is a caveat. This “exciting change” can only be achieved with the help of a therapist.

“We found that humans require help facing the truth that they are jerks,” explained one of the researchers. “A good therapist will help them see this and let the healing begin.”

The study showed therapists were most effective with decreasing neuroticism. This is the type characteristic traits that stir feelings of anxiety, fear, moodiness, worry, envy, and frustration. Everybody has these emotions to some degree, but the difference is, individuals suffering from neuroticism spend vast amounts of time ruminating over any situation or event.

“That’s me in a nutshell,” said one of the participants. “But now I wear my neurosis like a badge of honor…along with gloves, anti-bacterial spray, and a mask.”

Another happy coincidence, age or gender didn’t affect the results. A lot of times the fixes are short term, and don’t require medicine (but is recommended) for the personality deficit to be corrected. It should be noted that like a check-up for your car’s engine, people need a tune-up every now and again to clean their pistons.

“I always tell my clients it’s healthy to not see therapy as a life-long process,” said one of the therapists. “But if they need me, and have hundred-and-fifty dollars an hour, I’m here to help.”

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Breaking News! Change Your Personality in 90 Days – Because You Suck
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