Breaking News! Have Confidence in Your Arrogance

It’s long been known that arrogance is a sign of deep insecurity. In fact, the difference between arrogance and confidence is self-esteem, or lack thereof. In order for the arrogant person to feel smart, someone else must feel stupid. But the confident person’s self-worth isn’t dependent on what others think. But stop right there if you think the confident person doesn’t need validation. Scientists have discovered “exciting” news about the different way the so-called “confident” person brags about him or herself. There boasting is more subliminal and strategic, and others aren’t clued in to what a jerk they are. it just means they are more clever at how they go about it.

“It’s like this, confidence has a separation from the ego and shows a willingness to learn something new,” said one of the scientist’s. “Unless it comes to loading the dishwasher and my way is the right way.”

There’s an internal and external component to confidence that’s very important. Outside validation is important to some extent with all humans, but scientists have found the difference between arrogance and confidence is one whose view is out of focus with reality.

“It’s true some people are out of touch with reality. For example, you might think you’d have no problem driving a Ferrari at 100 miles per hour. However, factoring in the asshole who cuts you off, makes you slam on your brakes, hit the guard rail, costing twenty grand in damage is often ignored.”

So how do you brag without sounding arrogant? Studies suggest be quick with your bragging. If you’re a member of Mensa, just mention it briefly like asking someone to pass the salt. Also, commend others on being (almost) as smart as you are. Studies show being gracious has a domino effect. And lastly, consider your audience.

“Totally true. I mean, why brag about my latest conquest to a bunch of single guys who can easily one-up me. I like to save these stories for my married friends who become insanely jealous of me even if my life is as empty as my bank account.”

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Breaking News! Have Confidence in Your Arrogance
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