Psychosomatic Disorders Are Real Disorders – Feel Good About Being Sick

Has this ever happened to you? You’re not feeling well so you go to your trusted general practitioner. You have a cough and a swollen leg. The doctor looks at it, runs a few tests, but they all turn out negative. He has no idea what’s causing it, but prescribes some antibiotics and sends you on your way with a pat on the back. Did you know that one-third of people who go to the doctor have symptoms that are deemed “medically unexplained?”

Doctors have discovered “exciting” news that psychosomatic disorders are real disorders. And what better way to prove it than by using reverse psychology. Consider this, if people can use the power of positive thinking to promote better health, it makes sense that the use of negative thinking can manifest in physical anomalies.

“The human brain is amazing,” said one of the researchers, “I once had a patient who thought she was nine months pregnant. Turns out she was just bloated and lazy.”

So specifically what is a psychosomatic disorder? It’s when physical symptoms mask emotional distress. When words, insight, or comprehension are either unavailable or unwanted by the individual and the ailing mind speaks through the body. But what happens when the symptoms seem beyond the typical mentally-unstable capabilities? Doctors have reported individuals who have displayed symptoms that include seizures, paralysis, and blindness.

“Psychosomatics is rooted in depression. So when patients present in extreme ways that seem beyond their control such as loss of consciousness, studies show they are not just sad, but really, really sad.”

Unfortunately there is no magic bullet to cure psychosomatic illnesses. Sure you can take a bunch of anxiety pills, but that only covers up the problem and could create more manifestations within the body. It’s important to listen to your body and face whatever psychological event happening in your life.

“I am living proof that this psychobabble is real,” revealed a patient. “I recently thought I was having a heart attack. After the ambulance took me to the ER and they ran some tests, it showed I didn’t. Apparently I was just very upset that my mistress was cheating on me, the ungrateful bitch.”

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Psychosomatic Disorders Are Real Disorders – Feel Good About Being Sick
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