Bar Rescue

I Know What You Did Last Summit

Episode 2

Welcome back to Bar Rescue! On this week’s episode husband and wife have ditched their day jobs and bought a bar. Of course, they soon ditched showing up to the bar on a daily basis and The Summit went to hell. Husband Josh can’t handle the stress so he drinks on the job – and if the boss is drinking – so will the staff. The problem is, Josh can’t handle his alcohol and wife Alexia can’t handle her husband. They’re in debt for $750K and have basically given up.

Jon Taffer has come to the rescue! He meets with Alexia in Lakewood, CO, outside their bar and we learn that Josh has borrowed so much money from his parents their retirement is threatened. When Josh isn’t sitting on his ass drinking a beer, or taking shots, he’s hitting on the women. The question Jon asks Alexia: has Josh’s failure caused his terrible attitude or has his terrible attitude caused his failure. Who cares! He’s a drunk loser who insults everyone. While in the car, Alexia tells Jon they are on the brink of losing their house. By the way, Josh blames his wife for his bar failing or anyone else, just not the guy passed out drunk.

It’s really a special scene when bartender Travis cuts off the owner Josh, and then the owner throws a punch at the bartender and misses because he’s too drunk. Jon is ready to give him an ass-kicking, but starts with pouring Josh’s remaining beer on his shirt. It’s on! Josh tells Jon it’s been hard – doing nothing. Jon tells Josh to sleep in the bar tonight and not to go home. As soon as Jon leaves the bar with Alexia, Josh wants another drink. Travis says no way and the two get into a fight. Problem is, Josh can’t drive home so he asks Alexia, who is still in the parking lot, for a ride home and she tells him this is his last chance. Something tells me she says that a lot.

The next day the meet for an intervention. Josh apologizes to his staff and blames his actions on being drunk. Jon yells he’s not a victim no matter how much he pretends he is. Josh says he wants to be a better man – but it’s hard – so hard. Jon points out that over the last year they lost an estimated $204K in lost sales due to internal consumption and forgotten charges. Josh is forced to do a breathalyzer test in front of the staff, even though he has denied having a drink today. Jon threatens that if he’s caught in a lie there will be consequences. He passes the test, but Jon tells Josh if he has one drink he’s walking.

Jon brings in his professional mixologist and chef because that sounds fancy. The staff undergo a five-step test on greeting customers and selling. The highest score was from manager Nichole who got a 2 out of 5. Josh the owner scored a 0. Bring on the stress test – where they will surely fail because I have yet to see someone not fail during the stress test.

The food is coming up on time, but there’s no one to deliver it and the bar is running out of clean glasses. Josh blames others for his mistakes and is ready for a drink. Will he stay sober? The staff is doing the best they can, but it’s not enough. Alexia goes to bat for her husband even though as she sings his praises he is delivering the wrong drinks to the wrong people, but at least they’re free because Travis keeps forgetting to ring shit up. The Summit is screwed – which should be their new name – but Jon cannot change it or the exterior due to the landlord’s rules and the city’s strict ordinances. Good luck with the unveiling!

Jon meets with the staff the following day and we learn that Josh has still not had a drink and he feels good not being hungover with the shakes all the time. The neighborhood has stiff competition and the difference is good management. Jon tells Josh he needs to hire more staff. Jon and Josh have a pow-wow to discuss how Josh is afraid to fail, though from the looks of it, he’s been very successful at failing. So he’s got that going for him. Josh is suddenly a humbled man (cough, cough). Now it’s time to train the staff properly.

The Hot Choddy and The Summit House are the new drinks they will be serving. For the kitchen, they will be serving short ribs and mashed potatoes and are taught how to compensate for the high altitude. Jon meets with the crew outside even though there’s no change. But Jon has created a new concept inside. One thing that’s cool is Jon brought the outside inside. The fake pine trees ad a lot. Fir real. Ba-dum-tisk. Plus there are USB chargers everywhere at the bar since it’s not about connecting anymore but about recharging.

It’s now time for stress test number two. Josh is giggling like a school girl, but at least he’s not drunk so he says. The good news is, the staff is ringing up the drinks. The bad news is, they are short on glasses and they’re getting buried in the kitchen. Josh is falling apart. Here’s why – because everyone was let in the bar at the same time. In normal settings people stream in casually. But Josh is talked off the ledge by Jon and he doesn’t jump – into a gallon of whiskey. The team pulls out of the weeds. Go team!

Jon says his work is done and it’s time for him to go. There’s a simple update at the end of the show that states as of six weeks the bar is “successful” but they didn’t give any details other than that. Typically they say sales are up 25% or something like that and if owners are drinkers they also mention if that person is still sober. I did some recon and learned The Summit is still open with mixed reviews. They failed a restaurant inspection shortly after Bar Rescue’s appearance. Also, a patron left a review saying he witnessed the staff drinking on the job. Old habits die hard, and so do their bars!

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