Sting Can Still Sing Like the Rock Star He Is

Last night I went to see Sting in concert. Our city has a brand new indoor performance center; though they call it a centre. It’s much more fancy when stadiums switch the “r” and the “e” don’t you think? Like theater and theatre. Which one would you rather go to?

But I digress, this is about Sting and how he rocked our centre. First let me just say, Sting is 65. His body and hair seem exactly the same as his Police days, but I sat in row JJ and perhaps all aging rockers should be viewed from this distance. But Sting did something rare for a famous rock star, he came out on stage first to greet the audience and introduce his son – who sounds just like Sting – but you need to add some height and weight and all around buffness and you’ve got him. Sting Jr. sang four songs or so before the real warm-up band, The Last Bandoleros, came one stage. There are definitely perks to being Sting’s son, but the Bandoleros kicked ass, too. 

When Sting took stage he did something I personally haven’t seen done before. His son and The Last Bandoleros joined him on stage for the entire concert, adding their vocals and the occasional tambourine skills. Sting’s new music is relevant and has depth (read that on his website), but also the guy still knows how to throw in a catchy chorus. Too bad I heard any of his new stuff on mainstream radio.

So here’s the thing with our new stadium – they ushers are strict. They come over and tell you to sit down. I’ve seen them stay and hover over concert goers they’ve reprimanded, isn’t that rude? That’s for the person sitting behind the guy standing to handle because maybe they don’t mind. Like the guy standing up during Sting in front of the girl seated in front of me. The dancing fool wasn’t blocking my view, but being the nice person I am I offered to throw my crumpled up cocktail napkin at his head. She said no thanks, but it’s they thought that counts, right?

Sting played some of The Police’s best stuff – “Message In a Bottle,” “Synchronicity II,” “So Lonely,” “Roxanne,” and “Every Breath You Take” –  which took my breath away. And that’s because everyone got on their feet, not just the dancing fool in front of us, but the entire centre. And there wasn’t a damn thing the ushers could do about it. Power to the people! Thanks to Sting for being an awesome performer. Or is it performre?

Sting Can Still Sing Like the Rock Star He Is
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