Valentines Day on a Dime – Because It’s On a Tuesday

Once again, Valentine’s Day is upon us. I have found there are typically two schools of thought on this holiday. Some folks think it’s a day for showing and renewing passion, giving and receiving gifts and cards, and loads of attention. Others feel it’s a day manufactured by Hallmark and jewelers worldwide to force people into spending money on their products. I’m somewhere in the middle and it depends on one thing – what day of the week does Valentine’s Day fall on?

As you know, Valentine’s Day is next Tuesday. If you didn’t know, quit living under that rock. Only Monday would be worse than Tuesday, am I right? So I put somewhat of an effort into going out to dinner, unfortunately the steakhouse didn’t have a reservation until 7:45. Meh. It’s Tuesday. I wanted something around 6:15. We were also invited to a fancy dinner at a friend’s country club. I would LOVE to do this, if it were Thursday, Friday, or Saturday. Otherwise, meh, it’s too expensive.

So I thought to myself, what cool things are there to do on a dime that doesn’t require us to leave the house. Yes, I sound lazy, but it’s a Tuesday. Having said that, it’s important to take it up a notch – it is Valentine’s Day after all.

Top 5 Things to Do at Home (that aren’t corny)

  • Make a special meal. That sounds easy, but bonus points for trying a new recipe with your mate’s favorite food and naming it after them.
  • Take a bath. And if you want to guarantee getting laid, add candles, champagne, chocolate covered strawberries and sexy music.
  • Make a list of 5 things you love about your mate. Some people prefer 10 but when you list things like “you always take the trash out” you’re killing the mood.
  • Rent a porn romantic movie. This really should be number 1, but I didn’t want you to know think I was a pervert.
  • Give a blindfolded surprise. This is where you can let your mind go wild. The gift can be simple like a cigar or perfume, or it could be very creative like roll-playing costumes or a diamond necklace. Sky’s the limit.

For the Person Who Totally Forgets (and is lame)

  • Give a massage. This is a no brainer. Usually there’s lotion or oil in the house somewhere, if not, use olive oil.
  • Make a donation in your mate’s name. Pen and paper required, though the actual donation can be made the following day.
  • Place chocolate on the pillow. You know the leftover chocolate at the office? Grab some of those, bring them home, and place them on your mate’s pillow. Special note: make sure they’re individually wrapped. You don’t want to piss off your mate with chocolate stains on the silk pillow case.

So there you have it. Cheap things to do with the one you love. Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!

Valentine’s Day on a Dime – Because It’s On a Tuesday
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