Breaking News! Does Our Love Gene Have a Dark Side?

It’s called oxytocin – not to be confused with Oxycontin – the pill that millions are addicted to while the pharmaceutical companies are getting rich. That’s another article. Oxytocin is the natural way to achieve those warm, fuzzy feelings. But scientists have discovered “exciting” news about the dark side of the love gene, but first, here are the good things going on in your brain. Social bonding, the ability to overlook major flaws, a sense of community, plus a buffer from anxiety, stress, and depression. Go natural oxy!

“Yeah, that ignoring flaws thing is really amazing,” explained one of the scientists. “It really helps me score with the ladies.”

But here’s where the funk in dysfunction comes from: those same hormones can invoke hate, envy, contempt and gloating over others’ misfortune. Scientists also speculate oxytocin can spark xenophobia – whatever that is. It’s important to understand this can all be manipulated with drugs.

“Did we forget to put in the disclaimer that a very large pharmaceuticals manufacture paid for this study…along with dinner?”

During one of the double-blind tests, a group of men were given either the love drug or a placebo and given a dilemma. The choice was to do nothing about a train wreck that would kill five people or push a button and only one person would die. The “thrilling” discovery was those on the real drugs wanted to push the button and save four people.

“One small detail, the individual’s first names of the five people to be saved were either Dutch or Arab. Those on the real drugs were more likely to push the button even if the names were Mohammad or Abdul. Otherwise it was goodbye five people.”

So what’s the moral of the story? Scientists are now working on ways to achieve balance the natural way. But in order to do so, a vast number of people need to continue to sign up for these studies and take drugs that may or may not (probably won’t) be approved by the FDA.

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Breaking News! Does the Love Gene Have a Dark Side?
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