Breaking News! People Don’t Want to Phone It In

Scientists have discovered “exciting” news in the tech industry. People no longer want to speak to one-another on the phone, leave messages, or check messages. The data is in that supports texting is the new preferred mode of communication and companies are paying attention. reports that 4 in 10 employers plan to schedule job interviews this way and “experts” predict this will soon become commonplace. However there are rules individuals need to follow in order to maintain professionalism. MCT stopped by the grocery store to get local citizens perspective on this “exciting” news.

Grocery 1


“I don’t even answer my phone when it rings. If you want to get my attention you need to give me as little attention as possible so I can become intrigued by your mystery. A text that says, “Sup” is typically all I need.”



Gocery 2


“People need to respect my boundaries. Calling me shows you don’t respect me. And there’s no need to talk about feelings when there’s always the perfect emoji to do so.”



Grocery 3



“Most of the time when I get a call it’s just some scam or collection agency trying to get my money, so why bother. I like texting women instead because it’s something to do while I’m waiting on my boys to show up at da club or da gym.”




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Breaking News! People Don’t Want to Phone It In
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