Feeling blue? Go to the zoo!

The funny thing is, I didn’t even realize I was blue. Rain was in the forecast and I was busy, but who isn’t? I discovered something amazing after only 2 ½ hours with animals, majestic in their own ways, your spirits will lift. Side note: Go on a weekday so you don’t have the crowds to contend with!

Recently I met a friend who was in town at the zoo to see the newborn giraffe. Who doesn’t love a newborn giraffe? (April – we are still waiting!) We had tried a month earlier, but near flooding caused us to cancel, so the newborn giraffe wasn’t as new, but we tried again, even though rain was in the forecast again. After parking in lot B, and walking and walking and walking to the entrance, it only took several steps inside the zoo for my jaw to unclench and my muscles to relax.

First up was the sea lions – and how can you not smile when they slide on their bellies, single file, into the water. There are days I want to be a sea lion. It was like that at each habitat, the elephants, the lions, the bears, (oh my) the rhinos, the gorillas, the zebras, and the giraffe’s were all active and playful, remind me how fucking awesome nature is.

Even though these animals live in a jail, so to speak, they seem happy. Is it me or are the elephants always smiling? And the giraffe baby was especially cute! So now that it’s officially spring, go to the zoo and you won’t be blue – but you might be red if you don’t bring your sunscreen – so bring that with you when you go to the zoo.

Feeling Blue? Go to the Zoo! #TossbackTuesday
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