My Kind of Camping

Here are four words you’ll never hear me say: let’s live off grid. But who doesn’t love nature? Unless she’s casting a hurricane or tornado our way, I adore her. But there are limits to my level of commitment to roughing it. First of all, why? For me, relaxation is a big part of vacations. If I have to chop wood and fetch water I can’t relax. My kind of camping is somewhere in the middle. Not glamping, though someday I’d like to try that, especially if it comes with a butler. Having said that, I definitely don’t want a place with zero amenities.

Sometimes it comes down to how you were raised. If your family introduced roughing-it-styled camping to you at a young age and told you it was normal, camping only gets better from there. If you were raised by a Jewish mother who followed the old adage that roughing it was not having room service, you have the opposite effect. But I have come to love being away from the city, but I need the bare minimums to survive. Like a 32’ camper with a full kitchen, bathroom, memory foam mattress, air-conditioning, satellite TV, built-in grill and an awning. That’s it. See how simple I strive to keep my life.

Getting outside and seeing different parks is really cool, even if they’re local. You don’t have to go across the country to camp, some of the best places are probably within two hours of wherever you live. Of course you want to keep in mind the season, but each one has its own degree of peacefulness. And most of the parks come with wi-fi these days so you can choose the level of unplugging you desire.

We have rented a camper and are camping this weekend, hence the photo with our dog happy to go on an adventure. During the hour-long demonstration, the owner shared a story about a family from the Ukraine who came to Texas, rented “our” camper and drove to California, Washington, Utah, New Mexico, and back to Texas in five days. I don’t know how they did that. It kind of goes against the point of camping which is enjoy nature. Plus, someone must have been driving at all times, but it’s how they wanted to spend their time – come to America, drive as fast  and far as you can and check out the sights. How brave/crazy is that? But it’s cool that of all the places this family could camp they chose the United States. Four other words you’ll never hear me say: let’s camp the Ukraine.

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Random Thoughts – My Kind of Camping
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