Bar Rescue

Episode 5

All Twerk and No Pay

Welcome back to Bar Rescue! This week Jon Taffer will try to rescue Speakeasy in Kenner, Louisiana. Keith owns the bar and runs it with wife Amanda who is a twerking fool. Keith and Amanda left the bar industry years ago to get real jobs in corporate American to maintain the family life, however the worst decision ever opportunity arose for the couple to repurchase the Speakeasy again along with $60K Amanda’s mom’s money. Unfortunately, the bar isn’t the money-maker it used to be. And we all know from this show drinking on the job is a recipe for failure. The couple is $250K in debt, losing $5K per month, and their bar and marriage are in equal disarray.

Taffer to the rescue! He and his new mixologist from a past rescue, Ashley Clark, is along for the ride along with chef Aaron Mccargo. Taffer observes from the parking that there’s nothing Speakeasy about Speakeasy. He watches in horror as the owners fight in the bar about who does less. There are five bartenders and a cook working and drinking along with the husband and wife slacker duo.

The recons are sent in to collect information and place a couple of drink orders that the Speakeasy can’t make due to not having the right ingredients. They order food samples while Amanda just plays darts with her mom and Keith complains he doesn’t have a shot. Nobody’s making the food because it’s time to for the staff to take shots and twerk. And Amanda ain’t no Beyoncé. She throws an empty plastic cup at Keith’s head and the arguing ensues, such fun.


Back in the kitchen, although the cook is finally cooking, he’s cross-contaminating everything and the kitchen is a disgusting mess. Jon’s had it! He comes in to stop the recon team from getting sick. Amanda’s tears start falling because she knows her twerking ass is about to get an ass-whipping. The group tours the kitchen and determine it’s never been cleaned ever and is currently a fire trap. As Jon’s head nearly implodes at the mess, Amanda  can’t breathe and has a convulsion. Jon wants everything tossed and tells the two owners they have to clean the kitchen to prove they want his help.

So get this, the couple gives up after a couple attempts as scraping the grease gets tough. Keith abandons his cleaning duties and walks out. When Aaron the real chef returns the following morning to check the work, he is shocked that nothing was done. The staff has shown up but not Keith and Amanda. Jon sends in his crew to clean (remember this future Bar Rescuerees). When Keith and Amanda finally stroll in, Jon threatens to embarrass the couple in their own community by walking out. He tells Keith he’s an assholes for taking money from his mother-in-law and sitting around getting drunk, watching it all fall to shit. Jon says they have a failing bar because the bar has failing owners. Which brings us to a new segment called: Deep Shit By Jon Taffer. Next, Jon tells Amanda she cries too much. Mixologist Ashley tells her to quit twerking and start working. Amanda delegates responsibilities: she will run the bar, Keith will run the kitchen and her mom will handle the books.

It’s training time – because these guys have never had any! Ashley decides the new drinks will only have three ingredients because these guys can’t handle any more. In the kitchen, Aaron is teaching the proper way to make a po’boy. Bring on the first stress test – which they will fail because they always do. Amanda holds a meeting and does a pretty good job of delegating, but when the onslaught of customers come in, the team panics and is running slow. Taco is the only bartender worth his weight in meat. The kitchen is doing nothing. Jon discovers the POS system is an actual a piece of shit and the kitchen thinks they only have two orders. Jon is solving the problems, not the owners, and this makes him mad. Amanda is doing more than Keith, but that’s not saying much. And bartender Cassie walks out. This bar should be called Clusterfuck’s.

Amanda runs after Cassie who is taking a cigarette break and couldn’t care less there are cameras watching her every move. Here’s the thing, the girl moves in slow motion. Jon tells Amanda to apologize to the crowd and shuts the stress test down. Amanda blames her “disastrous staff” for the failure and tells Cassie to go home because she’s as useless as their POS system.

Retraining starts and well learn Cassie is no longer part of the team because she’s dragging the team down. Yeah right, Cassie is dragging the team down. Moving on, Ashley teaches the staff a couple new cocktails and Aaron teaches a new food item. The Second Line Sazerac and a trio of po’boy sliders. Yum! But it’s time for a sit down with Jon – of course this couple needs a real help from a real marriage counselor, Jon can only do so much. He tells them their marriage troubles need to stop at the door. Jon agrees to move forward and remodel the bar.

The new bar is called Second Line Bar and is a nod to people in parades which Louisiana has a lot of. On a scale of 1 to 10, the outside is only a 3, but the inside is a 9. It has a music and Mardi Gras theme with the art, but best of all, the bar is clean. Before the brand didn’t match the bar and now it does. Jon points out the glowing back bar and the new dart section. And the new POS system isn’t a POS! Now it’s time for the second stress test. The customers are pumped!

Things are running smoothly behind the bar and in the kitchen, and husband and wife Keith and Amanda aren’t drinking, twerking or fighting.  So how are they six weeks later? We don’t know about the increase in sales, if any, but they did say Amanda and Keith are still communicating and Amanda is still not twerking.

But here’s an update. The bar uses Speakesasy and Second Line Co. interchangeably. Jon changed the bar to no-smoking and Keith and Amanda have kept this change. There isn’t a working website but Amanda post this on her website about their episode.

“To all of my friends and family… tonight we will be on Bar Rescue at 9pm… we will be airing it at the bar and will have food out and some drink specials! Please remember although it’s called reality tv it is far from reality!!! ❤ you all! Please feel free to share this!”

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RECAP Bar Rescue – All Twerk and No Pay – Epi 5
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