I’m 50? When the Heck Did this Happen?

For some reason, I really never thought this day would come. It’s not like I lead some kind of high-risk, type-A lifestyle. Nor did I have any kind of premonition about an early demise. I just didn’t think 50 would happen…so fast.

I feel good about the things I’ve accomplished. I’m a mom with three productive adult children who no longer live at home (for now) or ask for (lots of) money. I’ve been married for 28 year, and to the same guy. I’ve published two books and have almost completed a third, if I would just stop working on other things. I own my house and have money in the bank, again, for now. My health is somewhat great except for the occasional allergies that seem to get worse each year. And I have a small group of wonderful friends that make me feel appreciated, essential and even normal. Soon eight of us will be traveling to the Bahamas to celebrate the fact that several of us have also hit this treacherous milestone. Bring on the Bahama Mama’s!

To put in plainly, I am blessed – though sometimes I need to remind myself of this, again and again.

Each milestone comes with its ups and downs. Twenty was uneventful for me, other than you are no longer a teen, you can’t gamble or drink (legally) until 21. Thirty was weird. My husband, even though I asked him not to, threw me a surprise party and all of 12 people showed up – of course now I’m grateful anyone showed up. Forty by far was the best. I woke up to find 40 pink plastic flamingos in my yard, my first book was published, and I went on a cruise with 29 friends.

So far 50 has been great, and will be great, it’s just a little shocking to be 50 when I still feel like I’m (sometimes) in my 30’s. I’m not going to lie. I don’t feel 20. For example, have you ever woken up in the morning with a raging hangover only to remember you didn’t have a drop to drink the night before? Damn allergies.

So along with celebrating my birthday, please excuse this small, but exclusive pity-party as I say goodbye to my 40’s and thank them for being so wonderful. Not sure what the next decade has in store, but I hope it doesn’t fly by as fast as the last decade. I will (try to) embrace whatever comes my way. Thank goodness I started this blog and my sense of humor has grown. Something tells me I’m going to need it.

Random Thoughts: I’m 50? When the Heck Did this Happen?
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