Should You Risk Being a Risk Taker?

Exciting news in the study between taking risks and death – turns out this thing called “luck” has more to with the survival rate than living a cautious life. Research shows there has been a steady decline in accidental deaths since the 1930’s, however, during 1990’s a plateau was reached. Now the death rates are beginning to “creep upward.” So what does this mean? Is there less luck out there or are more people taking risks?

“Here’s the thing,” said one the scientist’s. “Luck can be both good and bad. If you risk speeding nine times, and get popped by the pokey on the tenth, that’s still considered good luck. But if you go to jail because you haven’t paid any of the prior tickets and there’s a warrant for your arrest from a different county, clearly that’s bad luck.”

Big achievements in transportation such as seat belts, better roads, and reliable vehicles, were at the forefront of death declines. The statistics are crystal clear that seat belts save lives, yet people often recount how they survived growing up in this era of “foolishness.”

“Here’s the thing, people who claim they survived growing up in a world with no seat belts, riding in the back of trucks, and playing on railroad tracks? Well, duh. The one’s who didn’t survive aren’t here to complain about it.”

The sad truth is, we are not great multi-taskers like we think we are. Humans are limited in their capacity to effectively accomplish multiple tasks with accuracy. And our world is becoming more complicated all while technology is claiming to make our lives easier.

“Here’s the thing, distracted walking, just like distracted driving, is real. All it takes in one ill-timed phone call when you’re crossing a street…and bam!

The take away? Fear not. The chances of being hit by a car, although on the increase, are slim compared to getting killed in a auto accident or while in your home. Those statistics are much, much, much higher.

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Breaking News! Should You Risk Being a Risk Taker?
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