Breaking News! Does Spirituality Really Make Us Happy?

Scientists have discovered “exciting” news in the happiness department. Those who are spiritual or follow religious beliefs are said to be happier. Praise the Lord! Study after study reflects those who are spiritual are less depressed and less anxious than non-believers are found to be.

And it gets even better. When it comes to sustaining our happiness, religious activity scored higher than volunteerism. But hold on to your hats because the latest study revealed a dark side. What works better than volunteerism and religious activity? You guessed it: meditation! Prescription drugs are responsible for most people’s happiness. My Comedy Therapy wanted to get the reaction from citizens at the local grocery store to discuss these “exciting” and “new” findings.

Grocery 1



“I guess I’m pretty spiritual. If people don’t do what I want when I want, I put the fear of God into them .”



Gocery 2


“I take my happiness very seriously. In fact, my guru, pastor, therapist and boyfriend all agree that selfless acts of kindness and doing for others are what makes me happy.”



Grocery 3



“You bet it does. I totally believe in going to church and confessing my sins. Then the page is wiped clean and I begin sinning again. ”



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Breaking News! Does Spirituality Really Make Us Happy?
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