Can You Escape the Escape Room?

For Mother’s Day, my family and I used the gift certificate I had been given for my birthday by my mom and went to the Escape Room. Have you heard of these? The good news is we managed to escape. The bad news is we narrowly escaped 2 ½ minutes before they would have let us out anyway. The concept is to find clues and unlock the approximately 15 different locks that provide more clues to get out. Since it was mother’s day and my birthday gift, I chose the theme of the escape room. Here is a brief description:

JJ Buster is a reality TV star in the hit show “Bustered”. He travels the country to expose fortune-tellers who claim to communicate with the dead or profess to have psychic abilities. Three weeks ago, JJ went to a remote farmhouse in the swamps of Louisiana to visit the home of Madam Trousseau. JJ hasn’t been seen since.

And for more bad news, we never found JJ. There was a moment when we were in the third and final room, opening a coffin, and I thought for sure someone or something was going to jump out, but that never happened. We did find a skeleton, but it takes more than three weeks for JJ to become skeletized, so that wasn’t him either. When we checked in we were told this was the most difficult escape room and the creepiest. Works for me! Sorry not so much for JJ.

Most of the time you are looking for numbers or keys for the locks. If you want to try and make the list for best time (which was 33 minutes) you can ask for four clues. I recommend asking for a clue within the first five minutes. None of us in our group had ever participated in an escape room before so we didn’t totally get the concept and getting that first clue sooner would have pointed us in the right direction sooner. If you aren’t interested in getting best time like my family because we are so competitive, you can ask for as many clues as you like.

All in all, this was very fun. If you do it as a teambuilding exercise or just something fun to do with your friends or family, I recommend this activity. Let’s face it, you’ve already done the trip to the zoo, museums, bowling alley, bars and restaurants – why not an escape room. The cost is typically $25 per person and takes an hour at most. I’d like to try it again because now that I understand the concept better, I think I could beat my time, even in a totally different theme room.

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Can You Escape the Escape Room?
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