Hollywood Medium

Season 2 Episode 208

Wouldn’t it be great to talk to our dead friends and relatives? The cool ones, not the assholes. Personally, I’ve had my tarot cards and my aura read many times, and sometimes things they say do come true, but only the vague, nothing concrete and specific. And yet I still want to believe in this stuff. Enter Hollywood Medium Tyler Henry who may just be the real deal. Sure, he’s just a kid, but he connects with the Hollywood B-listers long lost loved ones, and they believe, so that’s something.

On tonight’s season premiere episode, Tyler meets up with a few has beens celebrities, Bobby Brown (ex Mr. Whitney Houston) and Jenni “J-Woww” Farley (The Jersey Shore) to give the news from beyond. Before each reading, Tyler is never told who he is meeting. And sometimes even after meeting the B – D Lister Tyler still has no idea whom he’s meeting. Funny since he’s a psychic.

First up is non-believer JWoww who has brought two objects – a bobble head and some rings. The first person who died was middle aged. The individual passed suddenly around 4th of July (7th actually). Turns out it was her husband’s friend and it was a test for Tyler. Pagans! This individual’s death may or may not have been in an accident. The word “suicide” is mentioned. But Tyler says this unnamed person had lots to live for when his life was cut short by a motorcycle accident. JWoww calls her husband to tell him the exciting news about his friend’s death and the test they set up for Tyler. JWoww is now a believer!

Tyler then holds the rings and feels cancer, cancer, cancer on her mom’s side of the family. It’s JWoww’s grandmother, but she goes onto explain how this woman died in a car accident on JWoww’s birthday. Okay???? Tyler moves on to JWoww’s mother who needs to take care of her mental health. JWoww says she has never spoken publicly about her “crazy” mom who suffers from mental health issues. The message is JWoww’s grandma wishes she could be there for her but acknowledges the great job she’s done despite her circumstances. Yay, JWoww!

Up next is Eva Longoria, and I’m like, Girl what are you doing on this show? You’re an A-Lister. But Eva is a mega-believer. And she’s a stalker fan of Tyler’s. The good news is Tyler recognized her from her Desperate Housewives days. Tyler starts his doodling and tells Eva a bunch of loud women are coming through, but two sisters are the strongest. She’s the aunt of Eva whose names starts with E. Turns out every woman in their family name’s begins with E. Perhaps it’s Elsa or Esmerelda or Esther? Anyway, they are proud of Eva. Also, very important is the message that Aunt E is sorry for losing her recipes. Eva says they are upset not to have the tamale recipe – and I don’t blame her! Aunt E gives a final message to Eva’s mom that she timed her dying perfectly when Eva’s mom left the hospital to change clothes. Aunt E didn’t want her to see her die.

Onto Bobby Brown – who Tyler has no idea who he is. Bobby is in a “therapeutic time” in his life and trying to become a better man. Just goes to show it’s never too late. Bobby’s dad is coming through and showing Tyler cancer, cancer, cancer. This time the individual actually died from cancer, cancer, cancer. His message – he wishes he told Bobby how much he loved him because in death he realized the importance of this.

Bobby says he has all the answers he needed…but wait…a woman is coming through. She wants Bobby to know she had a bad heart, even though people think she died of something else. Tyler asks if anyone in his life has passed under questionable circumstances. Ruh-Roh! Could it be? Is it her? How will we know? She’s every woman. And she’s saving all her love for us. This “woman” tells Tyler that people are wrong about her death. Bobby tells Tyler it’s his ex-wife who was a drug user.

Tyler explains that the woman is blaming her bad heart (not the amount of coke she did that night) on her demise. Bobby says his ex-wife has snorted this amount plenty of times so he didn’t understand why this time it killed her. It was her heart. Coke broke it. Plus the drowning in the bathtub. But more importantly, this woman wants Bobby to know that she’s happy he got remarried and has been able to move on with his life. The tears are streaming down Bobby’s face.

But here’s the spooky part. Tyler tells Bobby that the woman wants him to know that she helped another young woman transition into the afterlife. She wants him to know this young woman wasn’t alone during this time. Tyler laughs at an image he’s getting of Tina Turner dancing. Bobby says that there’s no way Tyler could have known his daughter Bobby-Christina liked to dress up like Tina Turner and dance around the house. Bobby Christina sends a message that she’s not upset and does not blame Bobby for their messed up lives.

Bobby then shows Tyler a picture of he and his daughter and Tyler still has no idea who these people are, but pretends like he does. Then Bobby tells him who is ex-wife was and Tyler says, “Wow.” He explains to Bobby that he doesn’t see people’s faces, just their souls. Bobby is thankful and felt everything Bobby said was spot on and was more help than any psychiatrist he’s been to. Let the healing begin! For the 20th time!

Tune is weekly for my recaps of the lovable Tyler Henry and his show, Hollywood Medium.

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