Props to Disney and Netflix for Not Giving into Cyberbullies

Every generation has made this statement: The world we live in has gone crazy. One only has to look and the political climate and inability to achieve peace to believe this time it’s really true. Rest assured, for each era it was true for them as well. Individuals who wish to create fear and profit from criminal activity only to disrupt our pursuit of happiness are the worst of the worst. The latest issue affecting our world is cyberbullying.

When a company’s files have been seized by cyberbullies, for many it comes down to a fiscal decision – pay the ransom through Bitcoin or risk losing critical and sensitive data. Which is cheaper? This is happening so much lately any day I expect the insurance companies to come out with a policy. Guess what, they already have! It’s called cyber liability and it’ll cost you.

The latest targets are Disney’s “Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Lies” the fifth installment for Johnny Depp to get drunk and make a movie, and Netflix’s “Orange is the New Black” season five of women in a Litchfield, NY prison. Both were hacked through one of their venders’ computer systems.

In each case, cyberbullies promised to release these movies early if their ransom demands weren’t met. It’s called torrenting. According to a torrent is a file sent via the BitTorrent protocol. During the transmission, the file is incomplete and therefore is referred to as a torrent. Both Netflix and Disney to decided not to give into the shakedown. And here’s why they don’t have to.

Who wants to watch something that’s not professionally polished (reportedly there are sound glitches and choppy scenes) when all you have to do is be patient and watch it when it comes out in a few weeks. This is especially true for OITNB. Binge-watching is America’s new fav guilty pleasure. If we have to wait for a rainy day to do it, we wait.

That’s why I don’t think studios should give in. No offense, but it’s just Johnny Depp dressed up as a pirate trying to discover treasure in the Caribbean while reluctantly rescuing a damsel in distress. Hope I didn’t ruin it for anyone.

But here’s what’s most important, these two productions have something very important in common, and that is a loyal following. I’m insulted that some cyberjerk thinks I would want to watch “Crazy Eye’s” before she has reached total crazy perfection.

So what can we do? We can wait and go see these movies when they come out or download the series when it’s dropped. Show the cyberbullies we won’t participate in their fraud. There will always be the people who have to see it first, just like there will always be people who buy fake designer bags, but we can make a difference by being waiting for the real deal.

Thank you – I’ll get off my soap box now. Happy Memorial Weekend!

Props to Disney and Netflix for Not Giving into Cyberbullies
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