How to Be a Kid at Any Age

There are several things we can do to help us reconnect with our youth. Look through the family scrapbook, eat your favorite candy as a kit, visit your childhood home whether you live there or not, or go to an amusement park. I recently tried the last one and learned it’s important to keep in mind, on the peripheral, you are not a kid. But I had a smile on my face on every ride, however, like that last drink of the night you shouldn’t have had, there was the last ride I shouldn’t have had.

We were at the Pleasure Pier in Galveston, Texas, on a Thursday. At first when we pulled up and saw the dozens upon dozens of yellow school buses, I thought, sweet Jesus what have we done? But after the first hour, the kids began to leave and the pier emptied. And for the record, I hate the name of this place. The Pleasure Pier – where one goes to pleasure themselves. The subliminal message is clear.

The first ride we went on was an intense and condensed roller coaster. This entire amusement park is on a pier and I’m wondering how much weight can a pier sustain before we go crashing through the floorboards or careening through the air? Can’t wait to find out. Here’s the thing, there were eight year-olds in line for this ride. If they can do it, hell, I can do it, too. Fingers crossed. All they had to do was be the right height. Hopefully gravity and mechanical error wouldn’t meet during my 25 seconds on this crazy coaster that went upside down four times.

After the roller coaster, we rode the Galaxy Gondola which is a gigantic Ferris wheel, named after Mr. Ferris, who was clever enough to get his name on the patent. Then we rode this rocket contraption that thrust us up and down, while spinning us round and round. Next was the tilt-a-whirl car style. First we went in a forward motion, the cars tilting on their sides as they flew round and round until it finally came to a stop – or so I thought. The ride began to go backwards, and with it my stomach. What is it about going backwards that makes us queasy? I was about 60 seconds away from finding out.

After that I got a $4 Sprite and watched my kids ride the rest of the rides. I did manage to get my butt on the carrousel. How hard can it be to sit on a giant rabbit and move slowly up and down while moving in a circle? Apparently pretty hard. Do you know carrousels now have seat belts? Seriously? Why, back in my day you had to sit on the horse/rabbit/dolphin and hold on for dear life, which really wasn’t dear life, because the damn thing goes so slow. But now things are different. We live in a world that’s bubble-wrapped for kids.

So if you’re feeling too much like an adult I recommend going to an amusement park. Keep in mind if you have neck aches or back problems you may want to avoid certain rides. And if you think you can’t do any of the rides, there are midway games you could play and spend $25 and win yourself a tiny little stuffed animal or a blow up alien. Either way, you can reconnect with your youth and feel like a kid again.

Random Thoughts – How to Be a Kid at Any Age
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