Hollywood Medium

Season 2 – Episode 9

On this week’s episode of Hollywood Medium we have a very busy schedule! We’ve got four “celebrities” Tyler Henry will be meeting with instead of the typical three. Tyler doesn’t drive a car (he must know something we don’t) and is driven by his manager to his next appointment.

First up is Mel B “Scary Spice. Tyler has no idea who she is, not even from America’s Got Talent. I venture to say this reading was prior to her ugly break up with her now estranged husband. Tyler starts doodling and says, “Interesting” which is code for, “Damn, girl!” Tyler says a man is coming through who crossed over due to cancer. Mel B says it’s her granddad and he saw the other side prior to his going to the other side. He also wasn’t afraid to die and died right after Mel B visited him. And when she left, she knew exactly when he had passed. Granddad is apologizing for Mel B’s dad for being a jerk.

When it comes to her career, Tyler tells Mel B she will have an opportunity to work with some past co-workers, but not all of them will participate. Duh. We all know Victoria Beckham wants nothing to do with this bunch. Tyler says they are going on tour! Spice Girls almost reunite. Mel says her reading was mind-blowingly correct. So why didn’t Tyler tell Mel B to prepare for the worst time of her life with her upcoming divorce?

Next up, Tyler visits Jana Kramer. Both of us have no idea who she is. Once upon a time she was on One Tree Hill and now she’s a country music artist. The reason she wants to meet with Tyler is because she’s “obsessed with the Kardashians.” Okay, I’ve just lost all respect for this young woman. Stashed away in another room eavesdropping are five of Jana’s gal pals. Tyler announces that in the event of people listening nearby, those loved ones could come through. Busted! Tyler starts his doodling and tells Jana her daughter is all good – other than she was a miracle baby. Tyler sees a second child, but says he’s not sure how this will happen. Obviously his mom needs to have “the talk” with Tyler, but that’s for another show. Jana has suffered many miscarriages and was told she wouldn’t be able to have children – so suck it doctors!

It’s object time! Jana hands over a scarf and Tyler says a woman has barged through who died of a female type of cancer like ovarian. One of Jana’s friends in the back room says her mom died of ovarian cancer. Meanwhile, Tyler is sweating like crazy. I don’t know if the air-conditioning is turned off or if Tyler’s feeling the pressure from all the estrogen in the room. Wait, here comes another person. He’s a heavy smoking male. Jana says no one in her family died of lung cancer. Of course, someone in the back room has a family member that did. Right about now Jana is probably regretting bringing her friends along and is sad that no one wants to connect with her. Tyler says this is a first that the touching-object-thing isn’t working.

They bring out Leslie from the back room who profusely apologizes for her pushy dead mom. Tyler says her mom died after she was given permission to let go. Leslie says this was the hardest thing she ever did. Jana says she’s so happy for her friend Leslie who needed closure – even though she wanted to connect with her grandfather. He obviously thinks Jana is doing fine on her own. Note to future D-listers who are going on this show – go alone.

Onto the next contestant on the Physic is Right is Reza Farahan. You’re probably saying, who the eff is that? He’s the alpha gay male on Shah’s of Sunset. Reza wants to “tap into Tyler’s gifts.” Mmm-hmm. Reza asks Tyler if he’s ever heard the spirits say, “Get out” during a reading. Not so far, but maybe today is that day! Reza hopes Tyler picks up on his Iranian roots. Tyler says a grandfatherly figure is coming through who had a heart condition plus a few more health issues. And Grandpa congratulates Reza on a recent wedding. Wow. That’s so spooky. I mean, I had to turn on Bravo to get that information and here Tyler just conjured it up. Impressive! Reza gets all choked up when he learns his G-pa was at the wedding and proud that he married a man. Which is great because Reza thought his grandfather was a homophobe.

It’s object time! Reza hands over gold necklaces. Right away Tyler feels the Jewish faith. Turns out that the jewelry is Muslim. Oopsie! It’s from his other grandfather and the two G-pa’s are about to open a can of ghostly whoop ass on each other. How about that? Even in the afterlife we’ve got religious issues. Reza calls his mom to tell her, she says her Muslim father was docile and sweet. She says Reza’s Jewish grandfather was the loud mouth who wouldn’t let others speak. Reza feels good about the reading – and that’s all that matters.

Lastly, we knock on the door of T-Boz. She was the T in TLC, though Tyler has no idea what that means. T-Boz also has friends and family in another room. For her object, she hands over a photograph, face down. Tyler says a “weird death” surrounded this female with music signs and a strange name. She’s a joker who could give advice about men, but couldn’t take it. (Remember the time Lisa burned down her mansion because of a man? Good times.)

Hold onto your seat, the woman, who is identified as Lisa by everyone in the back room, is referencing South America and a car accident. Oh no she di’ent! Lisa tells Tyler that “this wouldn’t have happened to her in the United States” suggesting that the roads and drivers are terrible in South America. Here’s the thing, I want Tyler to tell T-Boz that it was Lisa’s time to go, and it didn’t matter where she was, but he doesn’t. T-Boz says there were eight people in the car during the accident, and only Lisa died. Why! Tyler doesn’t say. He turns over the picture and looks at the photo of a woman he has no idea who she is. T-Boz tells her about Lisa “Left Eye” Lopez who died in the middle of making their last album.

T-Boz tells Tyler about the time she learned of Lisa’s passing, on T-Boz’s birthday, and thinks Lisa’s soul transferred to her adopted son Chase because he stood up in her crib and screamed. And now Lisa is now his guardian angel. Aww. Sounds too good to be true  good to me. T-Boz was depressed for two years and became a recluse after her friend’s passing. The reading helped T-Boz…somewhat. She says it’s nice to know people are watching over her.

Tune in next week for Alan Thicke’s widow. Remember, Tyler warned Alan last season that he had health issues – but he didn’t listen.

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RECAP – Hollywood Medium – Season 2 Epi 9
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