Yawn! According to This New Study I May Be Boring

I am many things; an avid book reader, a lover of comedy, a TV junkie, a friend, a wife, a mother, and according to this new study, I may also be boring. Yikes! Anything but that. So here are the top habits of boring people in case you fear this might be you, too.

Having unbalanced conversation – Okay what does that mean? Apparently it means either doing all the talking or doing all the listening is boring. But doesn’t that depend on the situation? I’ll admit, a good conversation is like a good game of tennis. Back and forth, give and take. But sometimes you have a story to tell or a friend has drama they need unload. I’m calling BS on this one.

Boring people can’t tell if people are engaged in the conversation – What? It’s easy to tell if people aren’t engaged, i.e., they fall asleep, they yawn, they roll their eyes, they get up and leave. But apparently boring people can’t read body language. So, whew. Doesn’t apply to me because I can tell when I’m boring a person to death.

Boring people can’t make others laugh – Oh yes they can! However, we are laughing at them as opposed to with them. There is an art to telling a joke. And personally, I’m not stand-up funny, rather sit-down funny. I like to make people laugh with my word. By writing a funny story. Ok, I’m boring.

Boring people will always do the same thing – Oops. This is so me. Creature of habit. I have certain rituals that I like to maintain, like happy hour on Thursday, renting a movie on Friday, and out on Saturday. Maybe I should switch that one up a little. Movie on Thursday, eat out on Friday, drinks on Saturday. Nope. Even as I type it, it just seems wrong.

Boring people never have anything interesting to say – Never? That’s a strong word. How about usually. Or rarely. But never? I mean, even the most boring person has drama in their lives or an opinion on the election, right? I don’t know, I just think that the quiet friend needs help in letting loose. I’ve found vodka to be very useful in these situations.

Boring people don’t have their own opinions – Give me a break! Everyone has their own opinions, but it’s the smart person who knows the when to keep this opinion to themselves. So let’s agree to disagree on this one.

Boring people don’t know how to tell a good story – Okay maybe so, but what about people who can write a good story? Can we cut them some slack? Thank you.

Boring people can’t see other’s perspectives – That’s just plain wrong. It’s ignorant people who can’t see other’s perspectives. Boring people can see them, they just don’t care about other perspectives. Dodged a bullet on that on!

Boring people don’t have anything new to add – And that’s how I’m feeling about this study. It’s boring and they don’t have anything new to add. We can learn something from anyone, it’s just a matter of applying yourself. So don’t blame the player, blame the other player.

Boring people don’t invite others into the conversation – No, no, no. That’s not boring people, that’s called being a bore. Because I’ve met those people. And when you try to interject, they often shh you. How rude!

So am I boring? Perhaps. I certainly have my boring moments, but is it my responsibility to entertain the freaking world? Not at all. And if balance is the key to a happy life, that some boring/boredom seems only natural. In any event, I hope I haven’t bored you to tears with the blog post.

Yawn! According to This New Study I May Be Boring
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