Contemplating Divorce? It’s Your Lucky Day!

If you are contemplating divorce, this is your lucky day! MSN has published the article Why My Divorce Made Me Happier for those who need help trying to justify understanding why the brutal decision to divorce can be for the best. So for those of you who need that extra push off the cliff to dig deeper into your feelings, let’s go through the seven suggestions together:

  • No More Doubt

The point “researchers” are trying to make is that living in a state of limbo sucks. It really does. It’s like going to the doctor and hearing we don’t know what’s wrong with you – which applies here too. But if you think this ends doubt, wake up and smell the wilting roses. An entirely new set of doubt will move in when your spouse moves out.

  • Knowing What to Look For

The operative word here is: look. If you are searching for someone whose values are more in line with yours, don’t look. Looks are what got you into this place. This time around it’s important to take a deeper glance than: he looks great in a leather jacket or she has an ass to die for.

  • Reconnecting with Yourself

Great idea. Because it’s all about you. But let’s face it, hitting the gym or some form of athletic activity kicks in the endorphins and that’s very important to provide for yourself now that you are all alone. (Unless there’s a different reason for the divorce then disregard.)

  • On Own Terms

This benefits both parties in the marriage! You know how you liked to go to happy hour with your girlfriends, but your husband didn’t because you wouldn’t come home until after midnight. Now you can do it all you want. And for the guy hitting the club scene, now you can legitimately hit on the hot, younger girl who will still turn you down.

  • A Learning Experience

I mean, why not call it that. When you’re arrested for DUI, it’s a learning experience. When you’re fired for twerking the CEO at the company picnic, it’s a learning experience. Hey, stumbles happen on the road to life, but as long as we get up after we trip and fall and scrape our knee and shatter our phone, that’s what’s important.

  • Stronger Parent/Child Relationship

ARE YOU KIDDING ME? Are You Kidding Me? Are…You…Kidding…Me?

  • Not Lonely/Just Alone

This applies mostly to women. Because men just pick up where they left off with their pals, before you entered the scene. Only you can’t do that. Becky and Felicia won’t talk to you because you ditched them trying to save your marriage. During this time a hobby is a good thing to develop, like flower arranging, cake decorating, or gardening, because it’ll be a while before Felicia and Becky start talking to you again.

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Breaking News! Contemplating Divorce? Today is Your Lucky Day
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