Do You Feel Awkward? Join the Awkward Club

Do you ever have that feeling your skin is like a wool sweater you accidentally tossed in the dryer? Well join the club! Scientist say in today’s culture of instant feedback, the opportunity for miscommunication becomes more prevalent. People who are normally on the quiet side are forced to adapt to a world of constant communication, but a new study was conducted to measure awkwardness and redefine the diagnosis of autism. After participants answered a 50 item questionnaire, scientists said the results were “exciting.”

“Most people won’t admit to being socially inept,” one researcher explained. “Not until we inform them they are inept will they even consider it.”

If you checked the boxes of 32 of the questions, you are officially autistic, but the study didn’t stop there. Scientists had concern for the individuals who scored between 29-31. What do you do with them?” According to the scientists, you employ these people.

“Awkward people bring something to the table. Usually their own silverware, but also an attention to detail. Like numbers and stuff.”

The question is how did “nerds” exist during prehistoric times? Turns out, there is an evolutionary track of individuals with intellectual gifts and opposed to muscle and brawn. During early times as a planet, the hunter / gatherer was at the top of the chain, but by today’s standards, the top of the chain is the computer scientist.

“Full disclosure,” said the scientist. “I happen to have a degree in computer science, but I also have degrees in economics and literature.”

So is there a way to feel less awkward? Can we adjust more effectively to current customs and values with a smoother transition? According to the new research, we must “ignore our inner feelings” and make decisions with facts and numbers only.

“Here’s how I fit in during a social situation, explained the scientist. “I remind myself constantly that I’m going to die one day. This heightened sense of awareness enables me to understand in the grand scheme of things. Then I relax knowing we’ll all be dead someday.”

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Breaking News! Do You Feel Awkward? Join the Awkward Club
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