Ted Talks Teach How Not to Give a F*ck – Let’s Learn Together!

This week at the community center a series of Ted Talks were shown in an attempt to bring education to neighborhood citizens who need information in short doses due to a severe lack of an attention span. The Ted Talk: The Magic of Not Giving a F*ck was standing room only. The audience learned how to conduct mental decluttering by using the Not Sorry method. Sounds like a recipe for becoming an asshole, right? Wrong! According to Sarah Knight, this method can be implemented with honesty and politeness. By pausing and saying, no, it looks like you actually give a shit, when in fact you don’t. And by declining the invitation to attend a friend’s baby shower/company picnic/fundraiser or quite your job/marriage/responsibilities you free up time to spend on things you really want to do, thus bringing happiness.

Here is some of the feedback from audience members:

Grocery 1


“Are you kidding me? I could teach this class. Not giving a fuck is essential to getting what you want out of life. Like, I don’t give a fuck he’s your boyfriend. He’s mine now, bitch.”



Gocery 2


“I’m all about finding happiness, but this Ted Talk was not for me. According to my guru, my happiness is caring for others. And when he’s happy, I’m happy.”



Grocery 3


“Yo, this was the best speech I ever saw. You have no idea how much this system will free me up to do the things I love, like hitting the gym with my boys and going to the club with my boys, and did I say working out at the gym?”




The audience members were split on whether this method could be implemented in one’s life successfully, however they did enjoy hearing the word “f*ck” used over and over again all in the name of education.

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Breaking News! Ted Talks Teach How to Not Give a F*ck
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