A Conversation with My Younger Self

This is a great writing assignment to try. What would you say to your younger self given the opportunity? It really should be written every decade so we can take a glance back to simpler times. For example, the 2o year-old who would tell him or herself to play more hopscotch as opposed to the 60 year-old who would say don’t be so emotionally unavailable.

I would like to tell myself two things. One, pay attention to your STEM classes. As you know, STEM is an acronym for the fields of science, technology, engineering and math. I had no clue at the time I was taking these courses that I actually had a passion for these courses.

My years of formal education weren’t so formal. I remember that most of my teachers seemed tired. And during this time in our education system they weren’t exactly promoting STEM classes toward the girls. In fact, the acronym STEM wasn’t even around yet.

I remember being elated to take woodshop in high school which was a new selection for the girls instead of the typical home-economics or language classes our guidance counselors advised. However, the cutting board and shelf I made were actually made by some guy in my class I talked into doing it. So I learned something in that class, just not how to work with wood (ba-dum-tisk).

The second piece of advice I’d give myself is to freaking calm down. I’m not hyper-active, but I tend to operate in a heightened state of cautiousness. Some would call it living in fear. Others would call is risk-challenged. It’s my least favorite attribute about myself, but the good news is I’m trying to take steps outside my comfort zone. I’m finding my voice. I’m traveling to other places. I’m taking baby-steps, but moving forward in growth.

So obviously in life, I’m the turtle. But the good news is the turtle won the race. And you really shouldn’t be the hare and run through life – unless you’re going through hell, in that case, run like hell. But if you’re not, do what the turtle does and keep going forward at whatever pace you can muster. Staying put or moving backwards on your journey of life wastes time, take it from me.

There are other things I’d like to tell my younger self, like the winning lottery numbers to a particularly big payout or which men to avoid to save heartache/regret/disgust, but since I haven’t found that crystal ball just yet, I’ll simply do the best I can.

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A Conversation With My Younger Self