If You Can’t Take a Joke Don’t Remodel

Years ago I was part of a neighborhood women’s club that invited monthly speakers to visit while we stuck our kids with babysitters from the nearby church. It was a getaway, I’ll admit, but once in a while I learned something really important. For instance, the time a contractor came to speak to us and the very first sentence out of his mouth from behind the podium was, “Ladies, if you can’t take a joke, don’t remodel.”

I laughed at this statement, though some of the women were insulted, which was a clear indication on exactly who in the audience should not remodel. But he was absolutely right. I’ve done many remodels on my house since then and something has gone wrong every single time. Basically, when the remodel goes awry you have to ask yourself, “Is this the end of the world?”

Typically the answer is no, however I have heard a few yes’s over time. Like the person whose house caught fire during the re-wiring of the kitchen. And the time the newly installed windows were knocked out due to an error made by the people installing the pool. All kinds of things can and will go wrong and if you can’t handle this, sell your house and find a new (to you) house that has everything you want and need.

So how do you know if you can take a joke? See if you laugh at this one:

A woman visits the doctor as she has some abdominal pains and suspects she may be pregnant. After her examination, the doctor comes out to see her: “Well, I hope you like changing diapers.” She replies: “Oh my god am I pregnant, am I pregnant!?” The doctor responds: “No, you’ve got stomach cancer.”

If you laughed, proceed with your home renovations, if not, keep in mind that not every mistake is something that can’t become a lemon to lemonade situation. For example, not too long ago I was getting new flooring in my home and selected a very nice travertine. When it came time to install, my contractor contacted me to say because he waited to place the order, those tiles had been sold and I needed to go choose another tile. Grr. And though I wasn’t happy about it, turns out I found a travertine tile I liked better. So not all mistakes are bad ones, but you definitely have to approach your remodel with an appreciation of Murphy’s Law. Good luck!

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Random Thoughts – If You Can’t Take a Joke Don’t Remodel
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