What Were You Thinking Kathy Griffin?

In the effort of full disclosure: I’ve seen Kathy Griffin live. I admit I dragged my husband to her sold out show several years ago. By now you’ve heard about Kathy and her unfortunate decision to pose with a bloody severed head bearing the likeness of President Trump. Her excuse (this week) is that the mask with ketchup coming out of the eyes was inspired by Trump’s comments about Megyn Kelly during the campaign when he said, ““You could see there was blood coming out of her eyes, blood coming out of her wherever.”

The problem with this excuse is timing. Trump made those highly inappropriate comments back in August 2015. It would be one thing if Kathy posed with the severed head the following month, when Trump was only running for President, she would have been a hero. The fact that Kathy waited a year and a half to come up with this stunt is reaching. She posed for the picture to get her name out there in an attempt to be relevant.

Whether you are a fan of the President or not, he holds the highest office in our nation, and that office deserves some respect. I am astounded that of all the people involved in this photo shoot, perhaps 10 to 12, one person didn’t have the good sense to say, “Hey, Kathy, this probably isn’t a good idea.”

Since the photo’s release and subsequent apology tour, Kathy has lost her long-standing New Year’s Eve gig with Anderson Cooper, several endorsement deals, and cancellations of at least five comedy bookings. Now Kathy is grabbing more attention by hiring women advocate attorney, Lisa Bloom. I guess her mom, Gloria Allred, was  busy on other projects. Bloom’s plan is to shift the focus from Kathy’s controversial photo to the inappropriate behavior of the President who is the “most powerful man in America, and his family, using their power to target [Griffin] and her employers after she apologized.”

Kathy seems to be backtracking on her apology and is now doubling down on her decision to keep the jokes coming about the President. Let’s hear it for the first amendment, but is that really wise? If I were Kathy’s business manager, here’s what my advice would be. “Kathy, you screwed up, it happens, take a year off and go work in Germany. Something tells me they would love your humor right now.”

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Random Thoughts – What Were You Thinking Kathy Griffin