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Season 2 Episode 210

Welcome back to Hollywood Medium! Even though this is the episode that shows the flashback of Alan Thicke dismissing Tyler’s warning of a bum ticker, we don’t start there. First we knock on the door of Nico Tortorella’s house. Who’s that you say? He is an actor who was on that creepy religious cult show called The Following and is currently on the show Younger. Guess what, Nico is gifted himself. And not just with good looks. He’s got the power too. More on that later because right away Nico’s maternal grandfather with an L is coming through. Turns out his G-Pa’s name was Lou. What a co-inky-dink!

It’s object time! It’s a fabulous man’s gold bracelet that has Lou written in diamonds. Right away Nico is earning that Emmy nom. The tears come as Tyler explains Lou is apologizing for the timing of his death. He acknowledges the last phone conversation and says if only he knew he was dying, he would have said so much more. Get this, Lou died while talking on the phone. (Insert spooky music.) But the spookiness doesn’t stop there. G-Pa was an alcoholic and is giving two thumbs up to the recovering alcoholic in the room – and it ain’t Tyler. Back to Nico’s special gift; he is a “healer.” At the end of his reading, Nico takes off his shirt (very smart!) to show off the tat of his grandfather placed on his flexing bicep. Aww! So cute.

Up next, Tyler is visiting Coco and Ice-T. Coco looks great. Better than she did ten years ago. Mmm-hmm. Ice-T is like, I’m a skeptic. I’ll be in back room with the in-laws who are big-time believers. Coco says when she has to pee that means something good is going to happen. Very cool because at least eight times a day something good is going to happen to her. Tyler jumps right in with Coco’s breasts. One is harder than the other. Coco acts like this is news to her – and remember she’s not an actor – so it’s not very good. But then Coco remembers the last time she had her implants switched out for new ones, the doctor told her one was hard.

Next, Coco wants to know about one of her “loved animals.” Tyler says it’s a dog who has several issues that effect his mobility. And it’s making Tyler feels lopsided. Plus the dog is showing a progressive loss of energy. Turns out, their bulldog has cancer and might have to have his leg amputated. Damn it! Ice-T is now conflicted. He doesn’t want to cross over into the believer column with the other crazies.

It’s object time! Grandma’s coming through even before Tyler holds the trinket. So GMa is really cool. She finds Coco’s singing career to be hilarious. Next, what’s up with the house? Coco admits the house situation is a mess. Grandma is at peace with the final decision. But then there’s some confusion. Either Grandma and/or Mom passed away due to negligence in the hospital while getting a simple biopsy. Coco thinks it’s G-ma and her sisters think it was their mom. Two accidental deaths in a hospital? Ice-T is ready to convert.

Now for the moment you’ve been waiting for…but first…reflection time with Tyler Henry. On August 31, 2016, Tyler had a reading with Alan Thicke. Through Tyler a relative told Alan not to ignore his heart issues. This male relative specifically told Alan not to be stubborn like he was. Three months later Alan Thicke died of a heart attack. Two months after that, Tyler met with Alan’s wife, Tanya, to review the previously shown episode.

The tremor in Tanya’s voice is heartbreaking. Tyler is visiting the widow on Valentine’s Day. He tells Tanya that Alan knows how much she loved him. In fact, they were supposed to see a fertility doctor the day after he died. That’s right, at 69 years of age, Alan loved his wife so much he agreed to try for another child. However, in the prior reading with Tyler, he told Alan there were was no baby in his future. (Insert spooky music.)

We watch flashbacks of the reading with Alan. He’s jovial, funny, and most important, alive. As you know, Alan is an actor best known as the father on the show “Growing Pains” and in real life he’s the father of Robin Thicke. Through flashbacks, we learn Alan was a skeptic and “didn’t have any faith in the afterlife.” Ruh-roh! In the reading Tyler connected with Grandma Izzy. Tyler tells Tanya that Alan is now with Grandma Izzy. She cries.

In the clip Tyler explains a message for Alan from a male relative who didn’t go to the doctor about his heart and/or high blood pressure. This person is telling Tyler to tell Alan to get that checked out and not to be stubborn like he was. But he is. Alan dismisses this information almost immediately. Tyler tries to reiterate that he should get to a doctor at the first sign of heart problems, and Alan says, “Thank you Dr. Henry.”

Tanya then asks the question we all want to know – where exactly is Alan Thicke? Tyler doesn’t know. His official answer is he’s in another “state of existence” and going through his own journey that includes processing his life. So he’s busy and can’t talk right now.

But wait! Alan is coming through. He’s referencing the state of Florida. Tanya gasps and says that’s amazing. Tanya was supposed to go on a trip for her birthday next week to Florida that was planned by Alan and her friends. She has canceled the trip. Alan tells her to go to Florida on their “significant date.” Tanya confirms the new plan is to go on their anniversary because she figures she’ll need her friends more on that day. Time to get the bikini body ready!

At the end of the episode a montage of Alan Thicke and Tanya are shown. Very touching. Next week, the wacky Janice Dickinson gets a reading and Marlee Matlin wants to know why she is deaf.

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RECAP Hollywood Medium – Season 2 Epi 210
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