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Episode 11

Welcome back to Hollywood Medium! Tonight’s episode begins even before Tyler meets the controlling gracious client who sends a Town Car so his mom doesn’t need to drive him. The spirits are already coming though in the car ride over. Tyler is picking up on a controversial death that made the news.

When Tyler knocks on the door, Janice Dickinson answers it. Okay, now I understand why a car was sent, no mom to deal with. Tyler has no idea who she is. Janice is the self-proclaimed “world’s first super model.” Janice says she’s done everything, and she means everything, but she’s never had a spiritual reading. She wants to know if her cancer will be returning, but first, Tyler asks for a piece of fabric he should be holding.

Janice is freaking out. She hands over a red and white scarf. Tyler says the person who died suddenly was on vacation while he died. Janice said she was also on vacation when this person died, because this is about her. During the last 24 hours of his life, there’s a reference to his not wanting to be found this way. Tyler asks, Who’s Jimmy? Janice says no, his name is John. Jimmy was his brother. Janice tells Tyler his mind blown when he finds out who it is… after the commercials.

We learn the spirit is John Belushi, the brilliant comedian most known for SNL. Tyler just nods. Some might ask why Janice would exploit try to connect with a man who died of a cocaine overdose in 1982? Is she testing Tyler? Or was it the last time Janice was relevant? Either way, Janice now feels comforted to know John is at peace.

Next object is a bell. The kind rich people ring when they want their servants to come into the room. The person is Janice’s mother who took forever to die, according to Janice. She’s at peace now. And finally, Janice’s grandmother comes through and knows that the object, which is an egg, was stolen by Janice’s sister then stolen by Janice. Janice is all kinds of freaked out, which happens to be her normal state. But here’s the good news, Janice is done with cancer! She thanks Tyler then falls on him and sits in his lap. It’s all Tyler can do to keep smiling and not push her off.

Next up is former Real Housewives of Miami, Joanna Krupa. Fingers crossed she asks about the smelly fish vagina lawsuit between herself and former RHOBH star, Brandi Glanville. The first person who comes through to Tyler was murdered. It was Joanna’s uncle who was married to her mom’s sister. He was a good-looking attorney who was found “hanging around” a tree in his backyard because he lost a case. Stiff penalty! Joanna says it was nice of her uncle came through, but she’s ready for him to leave. Buh-bye.

Another family member comes through who was very sad to miss Joanna’s wedding three years ago. Joanna’s husband Romain-lettuce is listening in the other room but has almost nothing to say. Weak session and we have no resolution with her pending lawsuit. That stinks!

And finally, Tyler goes to visit deaf actress Marlee Matlin. Tyler has no idea who this person is but is excited to meet another conduit of information called, Marlee’s interpreter. Marlee’s friend and salon owner Ken Paves is in the back watching the monitors should there be a hair emergency. Ken is married to a deaf man, so he knows sign.

For the object, Marlee pulls out a tin can. Tyler says four people are coming through and a male figure has the strongest energy. The male energy says thanks for lighting a candle every year on the anniversary of his passing. It’s Marlee’s dad and she’s amazed and signing fervently. He apologizes for not telling others what was wrong with him because he was in denial about his health issues. He also wants Marlee to know he’s glad the cycle of alcohol abuse has been broken. Turns out, Marlee’s dad had a drunk for a dad growing up, but Marlee wasn’t a drinker, her preference was drugs. From the age of 13 to 21 Marlee was an addict and sent herself to rehab. On family weekend, her dad was the only person who came to visit. Tyler is able to pick up the name, Don or Donald. The message is: he is happy to be dead and free. This makes Marlee cry that her dad is okay with moving on.

Tyler asks about the name Sarah which was a street name on the ride over. Turns out, both Marlee and her interpreter had someone in their lives named Sarah. Spooky, huh? I mean what are the odds. I had two Sarah’s in my family, but that’s probably pretty rare.

Next, Marlee asks the tough question: why she is deaf? Don the dad comes through and says at first he thought Marlee was just stubborn. The use of the word stubborn brings Marlee to tears. It’s what her dad always said. Tyler says Marlee had an ear infection and a plane ride from Chicago and California caused her to go deaf.

Marlee asks if Tyler knows who she is personally. Tyler says he doesn’t have a clue. Marlee is shocked because she’s the most famous deaf person ever. But she thanks Tyler and every inch of his skin for tuning into the universe and being authentic. Marlee is satisfied by the reading and her interpreter’s mind is blown. Tyler is like, Whatev, all in a day’s work. Ken emerges from the back room to say he’s shocked to learn all this about Marlee, and by the way, wasn’t her hair great?

Tune in next week for another Kardashian experience on Hollywood Medium with Tyler Henry Wednesday night at 8/7c on E!

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