Hollywood Medium

Episode 212

OMG! This week on Hollywood Medium, Tyler will meet with the self-proclaimed royalty known as the Kardashians. Actually one Kardashian and one Jenner, but that’s later. First we begin with Ru Paul – whom Tyler recognizes both in and out of drag. Ru has been read many times, but not by someone so young. His goal is to rule out the “mishegas” and rule in what matters. This is almost as heavy as Ru’s makeup.

Tyler begins holding an earring and doing his doodling. The name of the person coming through begins with an E. Ru’s mom and G-ma both were named Earnestine, so try again. This Earnestine died from breast cancer. That would be Ru’s mom. There is a Diana Ross connection because as a child Ru would always perform Diana Ross. Ru says his mom was a secret keeper who held grudges. Through Tyler his mom explains she lost an eye in a horse accident. Ru’s mom never told anyone about her glass eye and hates that horse to this day.

Uh-oh, there’s a man that Tyler needs to bring up. He’s sensing frustration around this man. Here’s the thing, as Tyler is trying to explain things, Ru keeps talking and giving Tyler all the information he needs. Ru says he struggles with resentments and letting go just like mom. His mom says to put it in the book. Well what do you know, Ru is writing a book. No word if it will be a best seller.

Another relative is coming through who was a compulsive gambler. And he wasn’t a very good one. He acknowledges being a disappointment and forgetting to pick Ru up for visits time and time again. After the reading, Ru is ready to sashay away his bad feelings of growing up in a dysfunctional family. If only it were that easy.

Next up is Elisha Cuthbert. She was on the show 24. Tyler has no idea who she is but likes her energy. She’s never had a psychic reading and doesn’t know what to make of Tyler’s excessive sweating. The object is a blinged out belt. First to come through, a mother-figure woman who had a cancer diagnosis. This is Elisha’s aunt who was quite the drinker and her message if for Elisha’s mom to stop smoking.

Another mother figure is coming through who is very strong, and also has a message for Elisha’s mom. Sorry, Elisha, no messages for you. Grandma says she was okay with dying alone in her home. She went to sleep and woke up dead. She didn’t want to die in a hospital. Her wish was granted to die in her sleep. Elisha is a believer now!

And finally, we are on our way to see Khloe Kardashian and Kylie “ever changing hair” Jenner. This week it’s white with black roots. And Tyler knows even before he arrives he will be reading a Kardashian because of the vibe — proof the spirits are with him! Kylie is just there to watch, this reading is for just Khloe, and this will be Khloe’s third time to meet with Tyler. The object is a toy monkey that once belonged to her dad, Robert Kardashian. I hope they ask if he thinks OJ was guilty – even though we know the answer.

Tyler explains that her dad waited to die until he would be alone. Kylie confirms this was true from the kitchen. Robert references a bird continually slamming into a window. Khloe says they had to repeatedly repair an office window that a woodpecker kept breaking. Next, Tyler tells Khloe that her dad sees her as the hardest worker in the entire family and he sees himself in her more than anyone. Take that Kim, Kourtney and Rob!

But hold onto your weaves because Tyler gives Khloe a warning. She has a “susceptibility” on her back and on her leg. This is huge, says Tyler. Khloe did have melanoma on her back, but not her leg…yet. Tyler blushes, and sweats, as he tells Khloe there’s also a concern in her private area. Wowza! Who knew we had to put sunscreen on our hoohaws? Thanks, Khloe!

Let’s talk about Khloe’s love life. This is the reason she contacted Tyler. He explains that with regards to her previous situation (Lamar Odom – duh) she can’t control someone who likes to isolate himself. Khloe says that she keeps this person at a distance because he’s so toxic. As for her current love life, Tyler says Khloe needs to avoid all men with names beginning with M – especially Mark or Marco. Khloe promises she will and asks about her current boyfriend. Oopsie. Don’t take this so hard, but girl, it won’t be happening. Tyler says the distance is killing it. Turns out, this current lover lives in Cleveland. But hold onto your lashes, turns out he’s a basketball player. What a shocker, right?

Kylie comes out to say she didn’t know Khloe had skin cancers issues. Khloe says it’s not her “vag” that has a spot, it’s her breast and she just had a biopsy. Tyler tells Kylie she has vertigo, to which she says, “Tell me about my love life.” Tyler explains there is someone who is trying to get with one sister, then another. He warns Kylie this person is in and out of her life and she needs to set healthy boundaries and get him out. In fact, I thought at one point Tyler was going to throw up in his mouth. But all in all, everyone was satisfied and Khloe loves Tyler like he’s the little brother she doesn’t have.

Tune in next time when Tyler meets with Real Housewife Lisa Vanderpump and says something shocking.

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