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Episode 213

This week’s Hollywood Medium is a hodge-podge of four different clients who don’t hear any earth-shattering news. Let’s get started! We begin in Nashville, Tennessee, so Tyler can give a reading to Kacey MusgravesTyler has no idea who she is, but duh, you’re in Nashville. Kacey hands over a pair of old-fashioned baby shoes as her object. The person coming through is a female who us referencing a piano. Wrong, Tyler! It’s an organ, big difference. Anyway, it’s Kacey’s grandmother. Kacey tells a really long redneck story about her grandmother on a porch and I have to be woken up.

Tyler says her grandmother is snapping her fingers and referencing falling down in a house fire. Kacey explains she would like to know more about this house fire because Me-Maw had time to call 911 and report that her electric blanket was on fire, but didn’t get out. Why? I’m going to go out on a limb here, but did she trip on her way out of the house fire? Yep! According to Tyler, G-ma wants the house to be rebuilt. Okay, G-Ma, please send Kacey a Grammy or the six numbers to the next lottery.

Back in LA, Tyler know his next client immediately. It’s Ellen DeGeneres’ wife. Ellen recommended Portia de Rossi meet with Tyler. Portia hands over two objects and Tyler starts doodling. A man is coming through and says his initials are R.O. Portia says her dad’s name is Barry Rogers, which isn’t R.O. but what do I know, I’m not the psychic. R.O. is acknowledging a quick heart attack. He is at peace with his passing and there was nothing anyone could to do to save him. Tyler asks, Who is Mandy?

Turns out, Mandy is Portia’s real name before she changed her name from Amanda Rogers to Portia de Rossi. I mean if that’s not proof he’s with us, I don’t know what else is. It’s not like we can find that in a quick Google search. Dad wants Mandy to know he’s proud of her improved self-image and happy she’s gotten over that whole anorexia thing. Fun fact: Portia’s dead dog is now in heaven with her dad. So it’s true, All Dogs Go to Heaven. His final message is for Portia’s mom, it’s time to get on with her love life. She hasn’t dated since he died when Portia was nine, and it’s time.

But hold onto your hats, Tyler knows Portia’s aunt, grandmother, and grandfather all died on the same day. Not the same year, mind you, but the same day. That’s very spooky, regardless how you got that information. Tyler is thrilled to have met Portia de Rossi, however, I think I speak for everyone when I express my disappointment that Ellen wasn’t in the other room listening in.

Up next is the actor and star of Mom, Allison Janney. Tyler has no clue who Allison is, so I guess he doesn’t watch hit television shows, but Allison is so cool she doesn’t mind. Tyler holds some photos and does his doodling. A man is coming through who is funny and shaking a Magic 8 ball. It’s her brother Hal. Hi Hal! Tyler says that Hal is holding cards close to his chest which means he didn’t like to talk about his feelings. Allison confirms that not only did Hal not like to talk about his feelings, he also was professional card player. How cool is Hal!

Hal is sending a blurry image of his mental state to Tyler and apologizing for his passing. This confuses Tyler. Alison tells him that Hal committed suicide. Tyler is like, Aha. Hal references his abuse of prescription medicine. Tyler explains the pills pushed Hal’s depression to the brink. The good news is, Hal is at peace and not stuck in the pits of hell like were depicted in the movie, What Dreams May Come. The one where the pathways were people’s faces.

But it’s time for Hal to step aside so Tyler can talk to someone else. A young female who passed away before her time. Tyler mentions the two people eaves-dropping from the other room. He says this person has a connection to Allison’s assistant and she passed away from cancer during the holidays. Allison’s assistant, Alana, is crying in the back room. It was her sister who died, get this, while pregnant with twins. Is it okay to say at least she didn’t die alone? Probably not. (Editor please remove.) The sister is referencing a bad dye job on Alana’s hair. Alana laughs because she did botch her hair once. I mean what are the odds that a young woman would mess up her hair color? Then Alana cries because Tyler has the most touching message for her: her sister says thank you for holding her hand when she passed. Wow. Just wow.

Lastly on Tyler’s reading to-do list is grand dame of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Lisa Vanderpump. And of course, Tyler knows who she is. They meet at Pump so Lisa can promote anything and everything. Lisa says she’s not a skeptic, per se, but she’s not a believer. Look out, two people are trying to come through – this freaks Lisa out. Tyler starts to doodle and a male with an M is coming through. His name was Mark, but nobody called his that, everyone called him Stan. That’s so weird, right? Because Mark is a much better name than Stan.

Anyway, Tyler says Mark/Stan had a rare affliction that typically doesn’t affect someone so young, but this affliction is not named. Tyler says Mark/Stan timed his passing when no one was in the room. Lisa shares she nearly wrecked her car when she learned of his passing. Anyway, you know how some people can talk too much during their reading, give clues and information, Lisa is not one of those people.

Coming through next is a grandmotherly type person from her dad’s side of the family. This grandmotherly type is actually a grandmother and says she was content with the duration of her life. Lisa thinks it’s Nanny K and she lived to be a 100. Lisa confirms that she and Nanny K were extremely close. Tyler informs Lisa that Nanny K is with her now, but Lisa wants proof. Is she a butterfly? Is she a hummingbird? What form is Nanny K taking? Tyler tells Lisa she needs to open up and then Nanny K will come through stronger. This makes Lisa dab her eyes. Chin up, Lisa. At least Tyler’s mom is thrilled to meet you.

That’s it for this week. Tune in next time when we are there for Tyler Henry’s reading of Johnny Weir, Nancy Grace and Stassi Schroeder and Kristen Doute.

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RECAP Hollywood Medium – Season 2 Epi 213
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