Hollywood Medium

Episode 214

We begin this week’s Hollywood Medium with Tyler skating over to Johnny Weir-d’s house for a reading. Tyler recognizes Johnny from the manly sport of ice skating, but outside of that has no idea what other accomplishments Johnny has. Johnny asks Tyler if he likes his weird shirt. Tyler’s too polite to say it would look better on a girl – which is exactly the look Johnny was going for – so that was a lost opportunity. Tyler begins his doodling and talks about Johnny’s dog – but enough about him – Johnny wants to know about his love life or lack thereof. When will the dry spell end, Ty? Please, make it end.

Turns out, Johnny went through a terrible divorce. Is there any other kind? Johnny yaks on and on about this terrible divorce, preventing Tyler from giving him the information he is seeking. When Johnny finally shuts up, he learns the new man will appear in December who is financially stable. Hallelujah. Johnny says he is ready to be spooned again, and then forked – ba-dum-tisk! Johnny tells Tyler he feels like he’s being watched and it’s not just him checking his reflection in the mirror all the time. Tyler says a fabulous woman is trying to come through on his mom’s side that may or may not be named Kathy or Kathleen. Johnny says he’ll look into it and later he informs us that he did in fact have a great aunt with one of those names. The positive takeaway is there are no demons following Johnny – besides Tara Lipinski.

Next up is Nancy Grace. You don’t have to by a psychic to know her career in crime analysis is over. Although Nancy would never put a psychic on the stand, she wants to believe in Tyler, but needs things like proof, evidence and facts in order to do so. Tyler tells Nancy how much of an honor it is to meet her – and he is the only one who feels this way.

It’s object time, but Nancy won’t hand it over. It’s just a handkerchief and the bitch finally hands it over. A fatherly figure who died of congestive heart failure is coming through. Nancy’s dad actually died of kidney failure, but it was due to his congestive heart failure. Nancy says she always felt this was her fault because she made her dad go to the doctor. Sounds like someone is guilty of shameless self-pity. Tyler says that her dad doesn’t blame Nancy because it was his time to go. Tyler tells Nancy it’s time to forgive herself. She will take it under advisement.

Tyler then begins to talk about someone who wasn’t supposed to die, but was murdered. He thinks that perhaps this spirit was just supposed to get robbed, but then it turned into something else. Wowza! Just like the Patrick Swayze movie Ghost. If only Patrick had handed over his wallet, he’d still be alive to this day! Or maybe not. Meanwhile, Tyler is referencing Nancy’s ex-fiancé. He was working at a construction site and a guy who had been previously fired, came back with a gun and shot her fiancé – who didn’t really know this guy. Tyler acknowledges the ex fiancé didn’t like how Nancy found out about his death – which was by his sister – so I don’t know what’s wrong with that. It beats finding out on the news under the scrutiny of a very bitter woman.

There’s more with Nancy, but honestly it’s so boring. She reads a letter from her dead fiancé in her baby-voice, but can I just say, in a perfect world Teresa Halbach, the murdered woman from the documentary Making a Murderer would have come through to tell her who really killed her (her boyfriend) and not Steven Avery. Nancy says after the reading with Tyler, she is finally at peace, though our peace began when her show was cancelled.

We are four for four with Tyler recognizing who he is meeting with on this episode. Up now is Stassi Schroeder and Kristen Doute from Vanderpump Rules. After receiving the object, Tyler asks Kristen if her Grandpa John was into farming. Kristen nearly breaks down. Grandpa John owned a garden center for 40 years and now Uncle John runs it. Tyler tells Kristen it was okay that she wasn’t there when her G-Pa died because she was too busy trying to become famous and partying like a struggling rock star. G-Pa waited for everyone to leave the room so he could die in peace. A burden has been lifted for Kristen and her selfishness.

For Stassi, Tyler is sees the Eiffel Tower and asks if someone who died was about to go to Paris or went to Paris. Stassi texts her mother for clarification. When her mother responds, Stassi says she wants to throw up – and it’s not from too much alcohol for once. Turns out, her mom went to Paris right after her father’s funeral. Stassi never knew this not very fascinating tidbit about her mother. Tyler says there’s a message from her dead grandma. She wants to apologize to her daughter, Stassi’s mom, for not always being there.

But now things get real. It seems G-Ma died without resolution. Stassi says they were never sure if G-Ma died of suicide or natural causes because they found her several days later in what must have been a totally lonely death. Tyler says there are no feelings of suicide and it was not her choice to go. This makes Stassi cry because she thinks it should be a 48 Hours Mystery episode and it’s not. Instead, Stassi feels good about easing her mom’s pain – and holding that over her. The girls go off to contemplate Tyler’s special gift over a stiff drink.

Tune in next week when Tyler meets more B-D listers and tells them things that may or may not know.

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RECAP Hollywood Medium – Season 2 Epi 214
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