Our Faults Are Not Our Fault – And Other Lies We Tell

Scientists have discovered “exciting” news about the dreaded monster called: The Human Condition. Turns out we lie to ourselves every day! The longest study every conducted of 1,000 people over 35 years has been published and presents a very “shocking” portrayal of the way humans cope – by lying to oneself. Have a cheating heart or a bad temper? According to this “exciting” new research, downplaying one’s faults is a common thread we humans have. The lies we tell ourselves are two-fold: we tell ourselves we will change and that we aren’t as bad as other people in the world.

“Well, it’s true,” said one of the participants. “That time I embezzled money from my employer, it’s not like I killed anyone, okay? Sue me. No wait, don’t do that. It’s already been done.”

So how did researchers unlock such dramatic news that will change every psychological exam from here on out? College students were instructed to reflect on the worst thing they’d ever done. When asked if they have improved since then, almost all the participants said yes. However, when these stories were collected and repeated to other participants, the studies showed they were “judged harshly” and found little or no redeeming qualities.

“OMG!” said a female participant. “Like this one guy thought because he hadn’t killed someone while steeling money from his boss, he’s somehow better than the rest of us. What a loser.”

Scientist explained there are times when individuals must admit they aren’t perfect and indeed have flaws, however, as humans we tend to enhance these stories and make our roles in whatever drama has occurred as “not so bad.”

“We’ve learned perception is everything,” explained one of the scientists. “Personally speaking, the time I threw up at my mom’s third wedding when I was 19 and drunk, I recall it as being not so bad. However, my stepfather still won’t talk to me. Good thing he’s on his way out.

So how do you keep yourself in check? This finding in the study was fascinating. There is no way to not lie to yourself. The balding guy who’s getting a pouch – tells himself he’s still got it. The thick in the middle with bitter attitude woman –  tells herself people love her.

“It’s what puts us on top of the food chain. Our unhealthy assessment that we are better than we actually are keep us optimistic. Otherwise we’d just chuck it all.”

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Breaking News! Our Faults Are Not Our Fault – And Other Lies We Tell
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