Scientist Discover Looks Matters – World Says Duh

This just in! Scientist have broken a popular belief held true by psychologists for eons that personal appearances don’t matter. Turns out they do matter. In the past, psychologists believed our looks were deemed superficial, and character was what really mattered. But not anymore!

Here’s the background. In 1972, the “Halo Effect” was coined acknowledging that attractiveness influences an individual’s social experience. It wasn’t just our imagination that beauty opens doors. Here’s the “exciting” news. New research shows the so-called influence begins at the “startlingly early” age of pre-school. Children deemed cute are more often given the benefit of the doubt, which constitutes as “special treatment.” It is believed when this occurs at such an early age the child begins to expect that treatment. Unfortunately, long term studies showed the “Halo Effect” did not ensure individuals would have a happy marriage or better life satisfaction.

To get the public’s reaction to this “exiting” news, MCT stopped by the local grocery store to get community member’s reaction.

Grocery 1


“What a stupid study! You mean to tell me somebody paid for this? Where can I get a job and make shit up to see if I’m right?”



Gocery 2



“I’ve never heard of this ‘halo effect’ but the reason people respond to me positively is because they can see my aura is pure and giving. It has nothing to do with my new boobs.”


Grocery 3



“Here’s the thing, when I was a kid, my cute mug got me out of all kinds of trouble, but I’ve noticed lately my girlfriend isn’t falling for my smile like she used to. Time to get a new girlfriend.”



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Breaking News! Scientists Discover Looks Matter – World Says Duh
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