#Horror At the Nail Salon

It was a dark and stormy day – just kidding. It was a nothing in particular afternoon. I decided to treat myself to a mani/pedi to offset the damage of a weekend on the river. Here’s the thing about the mani/pedi, it’s a quick boost to the spirit. When everything in your world is going to shit, two hours later you can gaze at your nails and say, “At least they look good.” Unfortunately after my trip to the nail salon, I’ll have to push the pause on the pedicures and pick-me-ups.

The nail salon I go to is very, shall we say, low thrill. It’s clean, but as far as glitz and glam and a glass off bubbly, this isn’t that. In fact, during the day the nail technicians sometimes watch Asian soap operas – without subtitles. It’s affordable, good, and friendly. If I asked them to change the channel they would, but typically I have a book.

So, I pop in without an appointment. They can take me, I knew they could, so I’m searching for the perfect shade of peach, turning the carousel of colors around. Found it! I hoisted it in the air to demonstrate victory was mine. And then I dropped it! I don’t know what to say. The bottle just slipped from my hand and smashed on the tile floor. OMG! Glass is everywhere. Paint is everywhere. It’s on the floor, the showcase, my sandals, my feet. Two women getting pedicures stare at me in open mouth horror as their bodies shudder from their massage chairs.

I can’t move, but on closer inspection of my toes, mixed in with coral is the color red. That’s right, I’m bleeding on both big toes. I try to help clean up the floor, but I’m just getting in the way. One of the nail techs brings me a cotton ball with antiseptic on it and tells me to sit down. I do as I’m told and watch as she cleans up my mess. One of the women sitting in the vibrating throne chair, getting her feet scraped, said to me:

“Honey, I’m a nurse. Whatever you do, do not get a pedicure today. You have open wounds and are ripe for infection. Pick out a different color (because obviously I can’t have the perfect shade of coral) and get yourself a color change.”

My new best friend! My mind wasn’t even there yet. I’m still dying from embarrassment. How could I be so clumsy? My exact thought after, Oh, shit! was, Am I having a neurological episode? Probably not. I will file this under, shit happens.

It took almost ten minutes for the mess to be cleaned up, and I’m not complaining this took so long because obviously it was my fault, but if someone would have helped her, it could have gone a lot faster. During this time I considered going home. I had caused enough damage for one day. But on the other hand, if I got a manicure and color change the salon will at least break even from my walk-in appointment. Without question my tip would be double.

So now my toes are pink and I’m going to wait a respectable two weeks before returning. I’m sure the ladies at the salon will appreciate the break. Ba-dum-tisk.

#Horror At the Nail Salon
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