We are Officially These Kind of People

What kind of people? The kind that purchased a recreational vehicle and plan to visit all of the state parks in Texas. There are 92, by the way. Not sure if we will accomplish this feat or not, especially since I don’t want to take it to the beach, but that should knock out 10 or so parks. Whew!

I blame my husband. He grew up with RV’s and thinks it’s normal to live in a movable motel. I did not grow up this way, but since we have rented several over the years it’s not completely unfamiliar to me. Here’s the thing about renting an RV, something generally goes wrong that can be dubbed “we’ll laugh about this someday.”

Our first experience with this phenom was when our son was two years-old and we renting a motor home to meet my father-in-law in a state park near Fredericksburg. So basically when you rent these things they tell you not to worry if you break down because there are hundreds of millions of garages that will fix it for free. What could go wrong? Did I mention the weekend we rented was Thanksgiving?

Of course we had engine troubles and of course no garage was open to fix it. The camp stay was fine, but what should have been a five hour drive home lasted eight hours! Our top speed was 35 miles per hour. Traveling on Interstate 10 on a holiday weekend is not fun in the best of circumstances. Add people honking and flipping you off as they passed us, assuming we were just lollygagging our way home – with a two-year old that didn’t understand why he had to be in a car seat sine we were in the living room. We said to ourselves, someday we are going to laugh about this. Still waiting for someday. Just kidding, I’m over it. Ha-ha. See, I can laugh.

We purchased a Retro camper trailer that looks like a 1950’s diner right down to the black and white checkerboard linoleum floor and red dinette. So cute. I want to offer tuna melts at all times, but that’ll really stink the place up, so no I won’t.

Did you know there’s a Retro movement? Neither did I. My husband, who is not exactly anti-Facebook, he’s just not wasting a damn minute of his spare time perusing it, joined a Facebook group of retro owners. There’s a bunch of great tips on decorating and keeping the 50’s vibe going, which I plan to do.

So we go camping this weekend, south of Houston, at Stephen F Austin State Park in 100 degree feels-like temperature near the Brazos bayou to check out the new purchase. Yes, we are gluttons for punishment. The good news is I remembered to pack a fan. Instead of huddling around a camp fire, we were huddled around a box fan. But I pretty much forgot everything else. In our rush to hit the open roads, we were kind of scarce when it came to supplies. Thank goodness our RV buddies joined us and gave us the 411 on what and what not to get. Thanks guys!

So what did we learn? We learned that we are the kind of people that need to camp near a water feature, preferably one we can get into during the summer. We learned we need a topper on our supposedly top grade mattress. We learned to turn the AC on high when we first arrive and shut the door. We learned we like bringing our dog everywhere we go. We learned that it’s more fun to bring friends, but in case you don’t make sure you have Wi-Fi and satellite. We learned you meet the nicest people camping who will tell you their life story even though you didn’t ask.

I’m looking forward to many more adventures, but the best news of all, nobody flipped us off on the drive home. I call this trip a success!

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